Public Transportation is Free for Pharmacist Seniors in Gaziantep

gaziantepte public transport to pharmacist's journeymen is free
gaziantepte public transport to pharmacist's journeymen is free

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin announced that the pharmacist's journeymen, who relieved the burden of the state within the scope of the fight against Corona Virus (COVİD-19), will be provided free of charge for 3 months.

National and international measures have been increased for Corona Virus, which has turned into a global pandemic that has become a global epidemic in a short time in the world. While there was great support to the healthcare professionals, especially those who tried to secure human health against the risk of infection, another example came from the Metropolitan Municipality, which spent a lot of work to increase measures throughout the city. Accordingly, Gazi, who does not compromise his devoted and disciplined work in order to protect human health in the city, will be given free travel service for 3 months in orange buses and tramway connected to the metropolitan city.

In order to benefit from the transportation service free of charge, it will be sufficient for the journeymen to fill in the documents given by the Gaziantep Chamber of Pharmacists and have the business owner stamped by the pharmacy they are affiliated with.

Günceleme: 05/12/2021 22:00

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