Ground Decals Are Enabled for Social Distance in Izmir

floor decals for social distance are activated in Izmir
floor decals for social distance are activated in Izmir

In order to reduce the risk of coronavirus contamination, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to install the ground stickers that will allow the residents to leave at least 1 meter distance to each other in the places where they line up.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality prepared floor stickers that remind social distance against coronavirus outbreak. In order to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission, floor stickers were started to be adhered across the city, reminding people that they should stay at least 1 meter apart. People lining up will stand on the stickers, thus leaving a distance of 1 meter from the people in front and behind.

He said, “Keep your distance for your health. The floor stickers that say “1 meter is enough” aim to increase the protection measures especially in front of the ATMs where people line up and form queues, in the pharmacy and market lines. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams started distributing the posters that said “Please go home immediately after shopping to protect your health” along with the ground application.

Important for awareness

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's work on social distance points also relieved tradesmen and citizens. Pharmacist Havva Tekin said, “The distance between people outside of each other must be 1 meter. We do not take more than three or four people to the pharmacy at the same time. People in the risk group should not go out, and those who leave for compulsory reasons should pay attention to social distance. For this reason, I think that this work of the Metropolitan is very important. ”

Forbes Beautification and Development Association President Okan Düzova said, “People's awareness of the 1 meter rule is still not sufficient. We see that they are very close to each other when they go out, they do not pay attention to the distance when they wait in the queue. That's why these stickers will be very useful. ”

Tradesman Aygün Dökmeciler said, “Unfortunately, the seriousness of this business is still not understood. People have to stay at home, but they go out. I think that information posters are also very important for awareness. I bought it and immediately put it in the shop. ”

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