Expert Report of TCDD Ankara Station Campus Allocated to Medipol Appeared

TCDD Ankara Railway Campus
TCDD Ankara Railway Campus

In the expert report that examined at Ankara Train Station Campus allocated to Medipol University, the statements of 'impossible to protect historical and registered buildings' were included. The report emphasized that the plan change in the allocated area is also against the legislation.

Details of the report prepared by the expert committee examining the TCDD Ankara Station Campus allocated to Medipol University, founded by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, were revealed. Due to the lawsuit filed by the Ankara Branch of the TMMOB Chamber of City Planners 'with the request to stop and cancel the zoning plans', the expert panel made an important determination regarding the historical and registered buildings in the report submitted to the court.

In the expert report, it was stated that the possible effect of the modified zoning plan of the area allocated to Medipol on the registered buildings should be examined scientifically. It was stated with the zoning plan that the floor and construction area that Medipol could make would endanger the identity values ​​that caused the registration of registered buildings. The report said, "It makes it impossible to protect the registered buildings as a whole with the new construction in the area."

23 thousand square meters of trade space

In the report that pointed out that "Medipol can make a 23 square meter commercial area to Ankara Station Campus", it was stated that "the traffic load that the usage areas will bring should be examined scientifically in terms of traffic congestion and pedestrian safety." In the Urban Technical Infrastructure Assessment Impact Report prepared for approximately 338 thousand square meters of Ankara Station, allocated to Medipol, the emphasis was made that 'there is no scientific approach to evaluate the technical infrastructure'.

Exclusive group emphasis

In the report prepared by the expert committee, “The use of the public-owned areas in the proceedings subject to the case also leaves the foundation ownership to build private universities. Although foundation universities are public legal entities, it was emphasized that 'the use of areas will be realized by a privileged group'. The statements of Medipol, where the public area is allocated, “It should be remembered that all services such as education and health will be converted into a special area status where they can be received by paying a price”.

Plan change is against the legislation

Stating that the plan change in the allocated area is against the legislation, the expert committee does not provide the conditions that require the plan change stated in the legislation due to the fact that the plan change does not reveal scientific and objective facts, disrupt social equipment and technical infrastructure balance, and does not propose construction conditions that do not harm the identity of the existing built environment. ”(İsmail Arı /One day)

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