Hygiene Mobilization in Public Transport in Erzurum

hygiene mobilization in public transport in erzurum
hygiene mobilization in public transport in erzurum

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality launched a pesticide mobilization in public places, especially public transport and stops. In Erzurum, where vehicles that provide transportation services to citizens are thoroughly cleaned, all the stops where passengers wait, along with buses, are disinfected by medication.

While the work carried out by the teams affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department received full marks from the citizens, it was noted that the spraying activities will continue at regular intervals. In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality on the subject; Hygiene and cleanliness was emphasized for transportation services and public areas in Erzurum. In the statement, the following was noted: “Creating a hygienic environment is among our priorities, as well as the comfort of our transportation vehicles and bus stops, where our citizens receive collective service.

In this sense, we have started the disinfection works that we carry out every year with the warming of the weather again this year. In this context, we have overhauled, cleaned and sprayed all our buses within our municipality. In addition, we do spraying at our bus stops as well as maintenance and repair work. We want to know that we will continue our disinfection activities, which also include public spaces, in intervals. ”



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