Eastern Anatolia Development Agency Will Recruit 7 Contract Staff

eastern anatolian development agency will hire contracted staff
eastern anatolian development agency will hire contracted staff

Republic of Turkey Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA), Presidential Decree on the Organization of Related Institutions and Organizations and Other Institutions and Organizations Affiliated to Ministries dated 15.7.2018 and 4. Within the framework of the provisions of the Development Agencies Personnel Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 25.01.2006 and numbered 5449, volunteer, open to communication and self-confident, analytical and strategic thinking skills to serve the development of our country and region to operate in TRB29.05.2019 Level 30788 Region (Bitlis, Hakkari, Muş and Van), who will adapt to changing working conditions, open to innovations, have strong human relations, self-expression and communication skills, have organization and management skills, will accept to perform unconditional duties in any unit and / or province to be assigned, To carry out internal audit activities systematically and disciplined in accordance with international standards and public internal audit standards with 2 (three) specialists and 2 (three) support personnel who have the ability to use and apply information systems / equipment, and to add value to the Agency's work will recruit 3 (one) internal auditor to evaluate whether resources are managed on the basis of economic, effectiveness and efficiency, to provide independent, objective assurance, and to provide consultancy and guidance.

The headquarters of the Eastern Anatolian Development Agency is Van and its field of activity consists of Bitlis, Hakkari, Muş and Van provinces.

Those who are successful in the examination accept and undertake to work in any of these provinces that are deemed appropriate by the Secretariat General in accordance with the subparagraph (b) of paragraph 27 of Article 1 of the Development Agencies Personnel Regulation. (The internal auditor will be assigned in the province of Van, where the central office of the Agency is located.)


Application and Exam Information
Listing Date March 16, 2020
Application Dates 6-17 April 2020
Announcement Date of Those Who Will Take the Oral Exam April 24 2020
Oral Exam Dates Exam dates will be announced separately
Exam Application Address Eastern Anatolia Development Agency Exam, located on the web site of sinavbasvuru.sanayi.gov.tr
It will be made from the application link.
Exam Location Eastern Anatolia Development Agency Şerefiye Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. 943. Sok. No: 1 65140
İpekyolu Van Tel .: 0432 485 10 15
Announcement and Announcement Results Announcement Address www.daka.org.t is

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