Eastern Express Was Victim Of Coronary Virus

east express became victim of coronavirus
east express became victim of coronavirus

The Eastern Express, which traveled between Ankara and Kars, where adventure lovers showed great demand, was also the victim of coronavirus.

It was learned that many people who bought tickets to travel on the 31-hour favorite route canceled their ticket. You can easily buy tickets on the Eastern Express, which can be found in difficult times even months ago. It was seen that there were empty seats in the Touristic East Express, which moved from Ankara to Kars at 15.55 yesterday. The Eastern Express, which has 2 services, 1 meal, 6 beds, 9 wagons and is indispensable even though its tickets are 480 lira; Along the route, certain periods in Erzincan, Erzurum, Sivas stopped the passengers to see the historical and natural beauties of the region. Agency officials said, “There has been a serious cancellation request for the past few days. While we could not keep up with the demands before, we are now unable to keep up with the cancellations. "If the tours fall below the sufficient number, we cancel our own tours." TCDD, which wants to address the concerns of the passengers, has increased its disinfection measures in the Eastern Express. Special clothing and masked teams; disinfected the beds on the trains, the tops and bottoms of the seats, the backs of the seats, the luggage compartments, the toilets, the doors and door handles, the footrests and the driver's cabin. (Osman Çobanoğlu /the Türkiyegazete)



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