Disinfection in Basket Continues Day and Night

hygiene work in the basket continues without saying that day and night
hygiene work in the basket continues without saying that day and night

📩 19/03/2020 11:09

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who followed the disinfection and cleaning works with his bureaucrats 7/24, asked all units to be vigilant. Metropolitan Municipality cleaning teams, who continue to sterilize public transportation vehicles, taxis and minibuses every day; He carries out hygiene activities day and night, from the Compassion Houses to the Opera House, from Civil Society Organizations and Public buildings to the Metro stops. While the municipal personnel were undergoing a health check, EGO Cuisine canceled the daily meal program and returned to the food system.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş is introducing new measures in the Capital within the scope of combating the coronavirus epidemic, which affects the whole world.

Meeting daily with his bureaucrats, scientists and academics, Mayor Yavaş follows disinfection and sterilization works carried out by metropolitan cleaning teams across the city 7/24.


In the Metropolitan Municipality, which was vigilant with all its units, the permissions of the cleaning teams were removed until a second order.

BELPLAS A.Ş., affiliated to the Department of Environmental Protection and Control prioritizing community health. cleaning teams continue disinfection day and night throughout the city.

Taxi and minibuses serving daily in Ankara are disinfected, while AŞTİ and Metro stations are subjected to sterilization every day. The teams also carry out an intensive cleaning work on ANKARAY and Teleferik lines, especially EGO buses.

Ankara Umum Automobiles and Drivers Chamber of Craftsmen Board Member Durdu Çıra stated that they aim to get the citizens to take a taxi comfortably because of the coronavirus, and said:

“We thank our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor for helping us with this. As the drivers' room, we will continue disinfection procedures so that our tradesmen and citizens can travel in a more hygienic and healthy environment. ”

Saying that he has been a taxi driver for 10 years, Sinan Çelik said, “I am a taxi driver in Ankara Küçükesat region. We would like to thank the Ankara Chamber of Drivers and the Metropolitan Municipality for considering the health of both us and our customers. We are very pleased with the application. Thanks to this application, we are working more peacefully. We can tell our customers that our vehicles are disinfected and clean. ”

Satilmis Yaman, who was a taxi driver in AŞTİ, said, “It was very good for us to disinfect. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality, our Chamber of Drivers and Mansur Yavaş, our President. We will be in solidarity for our people. Our customers can ride in confidence. ” On the other hand, Cevdet Kavlak, Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Tradesmen of Ankara Public Automobiles and Drivers, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality of Disinfection at the taxi station in AŞTİ. We take every precaution to ensure that our people can ride our taxis safely. While evaluating the life health of our citizens is very important to us, the taxi driver shopkeeper Murat Eğilmez said, “We would like to thank our Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality and Health Affairs.”


Disinfection is also carried out in the Compassion Houses where the patients and their relatives stay in Ankara for treatment by the instructions of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its hygiene activities in the Elderly Service Center, Elderly and Youth Information Access Centers, also carries out meticulous work in Şevkat Houses.

Cleaning teams that continue disinfection works in the buildings of non-governmental organizations in order to effectively fight epidemic diseases; Many ministries, military buildings, judicial institutions and the Opera building also carry out extensive sterilization procedures.

As part of the ongoing hygiene work in the metropolitan service buildings, while the fire stations were also cleaned, Küçükesat Fire Station Responsible Manager Ali Osman Zararsız said, “Our fire station, ambulances and public areas were disinfected.”


It also introduces new measures for coronavirus for Metropolitan Municipality personnel.

While cleaning and disinfection activities are carried out daily in all affiliated institutions and affiliates, including the Metropolitan Municipality headquarters, warnings are given to the personnel to ensure their hygiene.

Stating that the staff is made aware of the measures to be taken against the virus without creating a community, the Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department of the Metropolitan Municipality said, “The coronavirus epidemic continues to threaten human health globally. The Metropolitan Municipality informs its staff about how to use oximetry, oxygen cylinder and body temperature measuring devices in this process. ” "He said.

Realizing another new application for healthcare personnel, Metropolitan Municipality canceled the daily meal program of the EGO Cuisine and switched to the food system in order to avoid crowded environments.

Explaining that they started distributing food to employees, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş gave the following information:

“As part of the epidemic measures, we have started to serve with a food system instead of a mass meal in the cafeteria with the instruction of our Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas. First of all, we prepared 5 food stores. Packages packed in accordance with hygiene rules will be distributed primarily by protecting the social distance of our staff. Starting tomorrow, we will distribute the food on the floors. Food packages prepared in EGO Kitchen will also be delivered to external units. ”

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