Resisting Haydarpaşa Excavation Workers Won!

resisting haydarpasa excavation workers won
resisting haydarpasa excavation workers won

Excavation workers, who started fighting last week for their salaries working in the archaeological excavation area in Haydarpaşa and have not been paid for months, and who left work yesterday received their receivables.

We Are at the Neck of the Bosses In the statement made by the Construction Workers Network, “As it is known, we had done a job to quit the Haydarpaşa excavation site yesterday. After quitting work, the boss of Ege Yapı Ray came to the construction site and stated that on Friday, March 20, workers would pay their receivables, but since the side said the conditions would be worse. We reminded us that if the bosses wanted worse for the workers, we would fight more. ”

The statement made today in front of Haydarpaşa Station was made in order to make the bosses better understand the determination of the workers and to show what the workers can achieve when organized:

“The boss, who promised March 20, has paid all the receivables of the workers who continue to work as of now, and all the receivables of those who want to exercise their right of termination, including notice and severance pay.



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