The date has been determined for Kanal Istanbul

project works of channel istanbul completed
project works of channel istanbul completed

'The Crazy Project', which is anticipated with excitement, a special team is working for Kanal Istanbul. The plans of the project will be suspended in May, and the tender will be launched after June.

While a special team established within the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the preparation of the development plans, Kanal Istanbul is expected to be suspended in May, in June. Thus, there will be no obstacles to the tender after June.


With the previous amendment to the 1 / 100.000 scale Environment Plan of the Kanal Istanbul Reserve Building Area, it was decided to build low density residential areas dominated by the horizontal architecture in the neighborhood concept that will appeal to 500 thousand inhabitants on both sides of Kanal Istanbul.

The new zoning plans, which continue in the planning stage, will clarify the residential areas that will serve these residential areas, including commercial, official institutions, social infrastructure, technical infrastructure, social facilities and cultural facilities. In the new residential areas, there will be green ecological corridors from east to west, from south to north. In addition, forest area, coastal facilities, urban regional social reinforcement areas, urban regional green and sports areas, university area, technology development area, tourism area, eco-tourism area, health tourism area, congress and fair area and logistics area, coastal uses Uses that will add value to Kanal Istanbul are planned.

While it is aimed to hit the first digging this year in Kanal Istanbul, which is calculated to cost 75 billion liras, the completion time of the project is planned to be 7 years. Along with Kanal Istanbul and its integrated facilities, approximately 10 people are expected to work in the project's preparation-construction phase, 10 operations, and other businesses such as the canal and port, logistics center and marina. Many countries, especially Russia, China, the Netherlands and Belgium, are interested in the project. (Source: Morning)

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