Commercial Taxi and Service Vehicles Disinfected

commercial taxi and service vehicles disinfected
commercial taxi and service vehicles disinfected

📩 19/03/2020 16:14

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality continues to increase the necessary measures against the corona virus, which is effective worldwide and spread in our country.

In this context, disinfection of taxi and service vehicles operating in our city is provided for our people to travel more safely and healthily.

Disinfection of taxi and service vehicles by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department Disinfection Branch Teams.

Keskin: We need to pay attention to cleanliness and take it seriously

Making a statement after the disinfection in the area next to the Metropolitan Municipality, Malatya Union of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (MESOB) President Şevket Keskin said, “You know, there is a virus that shook the world. In order for this virus to be rare in our country, we talked with Mr. Mayor and officials, especially in terms of hygiene. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who did not withhold their support for the hygienic cleaning of our cars, on behalf of all our tradesmen.

All our citizens need to be very careful about these cleanings individually and take them seriously. We have to overcome this chaos in our country, I hope that our government and our President will be tangent in our country thanks to the great measures they have taken. I thank everyone.

After that, our friends leave the windows of the vehicles slightly open. Ventilate your vehicles. Keep cologne and hygienic material. Be sure to disinfect the places where the hands of you or the citizens you buy by taking passengers touched as a driver in the car. Let's pay attention to cleanliness when coming to work and returning home in the evening. I hope we will get through this process together. ”

Mayor Gürkan: We must take the necessary measures both individually and socially

Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan said, “I would like to thank our Chairman of the Chamber of Tradesmen and Chauffeurs. Whether it is our taxi driver tradesmen, service vehicles tradesmen or minibus shopkeepers, we are in a common working platform.

As the society and the state, we have a responsibility to take the necessary precautions at the point where the corona virus ravages the world, and it passes tangentially without creating a troublesome process in our country. Of course, we express that these measures we take do not cause any disturbance to our citizens on every platform.

We need to know that it is important to disinfect public transport, taxis and services in hygienic conditions.

On behalf of us as an example, by the Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department; Studies are carried out for the disinfection and disinfection of taxi drivers, minibuses, services and public transportation vehicles.

As a society, we need to emphasize how important this corona virus is in terms of measures to be taken both individually and socially. In the next period, our sensitivity and attitudes, especially at the point of shaking hands, at the point of cleaning and hygiene, will also highlight our social and our own health.

I would like to thank the Environmental Protection and Control Department, which conducts this work, and our esteemed chamber president Şevket Keskin and our tradesmen brothers.

Our wish and wish is that; Our country is to prevent infections and other severe conditions caused by corona virus. I say get back to our society. I hope that the number of patients will not exceed the figures announced by our Ministry of Health. ”

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