Kocaeli Wind at Busworld Bus Fair

busworld busbus fair at the bus fair
busworld busbus fair at the bus fair

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality participated in the Bus Industry and Bus Industry International Specialization Fair (Busworld International) held in Istanbul. On behalf of the Metropolitan program, Head of Transportation Department Ahmet Çelebi and one of the Metropolitan subsidiaries, TransportationPark A.Ş. Salih Kumbar, the General Manager, attended.


The Bus Industry and Supply Industry International Trade Fair (Busworld International) Turkey leg of Busworld Turkey 2020, opened its doors in Istanbul. The organization, where both the supplier industry and the manufacturers meet in the bus sector, was held in the Istanbul Fair area. Turkey at the fair, this year, 2 years, also attended the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.


On behalf of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Head of Transportation Department Ahmet Çelebi and one of the Metropolitan affiliates, TransportationPark A.Ş. Salih Kumbar, the General Manager, attended. Çelebi and Kumbar gave information about the future of bus systems and public transportation systems in cities.


Providing information about public transportation systems in Kocaeli, Ahmet Çelebi, Head of Transportation; “2 thousand 200 private operators in Kocaeli provide service on approximately 54 routes under 400 cooperatives. While we prepare public transport plans, we also take steps to improve the existing structure for Kocaeli. We unite private and public enterprises, we create income and expense pools, and we implement smart transportation practices ”.


Çelebi stated that they want to increase their journeys with an integrated system; “Traffic, which is the common problem of big cities, needs to be managed properly. We want to manage a significant portion of the traffic generated in Kocaeli via the public transportation system. We have realized our projects for the management of public transportation and traffic from a single center. In addition to these projects, we are expanding the SME project, which is used for alternative transportation and entertainment and sports purposes. Our rental system, which was established in 2014 and now serves 70 stations and 500 bicycles, has 125 thousand active members. Until this time, 681 thousand rentals are an exemplary project that has been used for 4 million 700 thousand minutes ”.


TransportationPark A.Ş. Salih Kumbar, General Manager, explained the future of bus systems at the Busworld bus fair. At the bus fair, where he participated as a panelist, Kumbar made a presentation about the applications in the world and in our country, developments in the automotive industry, and electric bus systems.


Salih Kumbar, General Manager of TransportationPark, made a broad presentation to the participants about the electric buses planned to be used in the future. He emphasized that electric buses, which will be actively used by the world for renewable and sustainable energy in the near future, are both fuel-saving and environmentally friendly. He made comparisons of how many electric buses are in our country and how actively used in the world. Under the heading of the national energy efficiency action plan, he stated that it is among the most important duties of the public to encourage vehicles with high energy efficiency, to collect data for transportation, to guide bicycle and pedestrian transportation, and to popularize public transportation vehicles.

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