Burulaş Continues to Rejuvenate its Public Transportation Fleet

burulas continues to expand its mass transportation fleet
burulas continues to expand its mass transportation fleet

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which produces deep-rooted solutions to the transportation problem with new investments on the one hand, continues to renew both the busses and the Private Public Buses to make public transportation more comfortable. After 28 new microbuses brought to Gemlik District last month, now 10 new buses have been added to the vehicle fleet in the center.

In Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on physical investments such as smart junction applications, rail system signalization optimization, new roads, bridges and junctions, makes public transportation vehicles more attractive for citizens. In this regard, Metropolitan Municipality, which cooperated with private public buses, launched 12 new buses of 25 meters last year and 28 new microbuses in Gemlik District last month. In order to make public transportation more comfortable, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its renovation works without slowing down, has now cooperated with the Bursa Chamber of Public People's Craftsmen, and launched 8,5 new vehicles with 10 meters of disability ramps, air conditioners and low floors.

Convenient transportation

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, together with the accompanying Special Chamber of Public Buses Sadi Eren, examined the newly purchased vehicles in the Burulaş area. Reminding that new roads, bridge junctions and rail system investments continue on one hand, President Aktaş said, “However, we cannot completely solve the transportation problem only with these physical investments. While our population increases by 50-60 thousand every year, the number of vehicles going to traffic is constantly increasing. First of all, we need to expand the public transportation culture in Bursa. Therefore, we must make public transportation attractive and comfortable for our people. For this reason, we are constantly creating new lines and renewing public transportation. Our private public buses are also selfless about change and renewal. I wish 10 new vehicles included in the service caravan to be beneficial. ”

Sadi Eren, the President of the Chamber of Private Public Buses, stated that the renovation work will continue in order to provide better quality services to the residents of Bursa and thanked President Aktaş for their support.

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