Auction Auction to Commercial Areas at Bursaray Stations!

open tender to bursaray stations
open tender to bursaray stations

266 commercial areas in Bursa's rail transportation stations will be rented to the single operator again with a joint tender for the new period.

Bursa'S rail transport stationsVarious commercial areas in single operatorto be rented.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipalityconnected to Bursa Transportation Inc. (BURULAŞ)conducts different practices to diversify and increase its corporate revenues.

BursaRayCommercial areas at the stations of the stations were put out to tender again as the 3-year lease term will be over.

266 domains will be leased.

The tender is on 30 March!

We heard that the new tender announcement was previously published in 2 local and 1 national newspapers.

Compared to the previous…

In the new tender allocated for the same period, following the receipt of the price offers in a closed envelope, auctionwill be concluded with.

With the new period…

Least, 8.9 million TL income will be provided.

Base rental price of the first year, total 2 million 953 thousand TL + VAT inflation will be applied to other years.

With the undertaking of the business…

If requested, the contract will be extended for 2 years.

Within the scope of the rental…

Normal 'commercial' By definition ...

For store and buffet purposes 56 there is space and among them 12in front of the '2nd class commercial area' defined open use right will be provided.

Soft drink, water and packaged snack for products 134 vending machines and banks TMJ services to 64 existing and new space allocation is envisaged.

At all stations…

Direct and automatic beverage sales will be observed.

Renting a total area of ​​1013 square meters planning, 1 square meter area allocation for vending machines and ATMs Features.

Preferred with the new tender…

Thanks to the auction method, more revenue is expected with transparency and competition.

BURULAŞ draws attention with its new steps to increase routine income, to diversify and to decrease operating cost.


To eliminate the cost of electrical energy 'Solar Power Plant' project was prepared and additional income was also targeted. (Serkan İnceoğlu /Olay)



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