Bursa High Speed ​​Train is Now at Foreign Credit Limits

Bursa high-speed train is now stuck to external credit limits
Bursa high-speed train is now stuck to external credit limits

Long time name we discussed ... But Bursa'of the train project Yüksek Hızlı Tren now we know Because, Bursa-Bilecik in line freight train and these two trains for technical reasons they cannot work on the same line.

The name of our train TCDD in documents conventional train defined as High Standard Railway Line passes as. So, normal train speed we will have a train.

So what…

We took the foundation with great excitement in December 2012 Bursa Train project has been experiencing problems from the beginning and the project at the desired speed It does not move.

When I say this…

Bursa well-intentioned efforts of politicians, especially lawmakers, and speed up the job It should be emphasized that their attempts should be appreciated.


Ankara because it looks different bona fide efforts has not reached the conclusion yet.


Ankara'from friends in last news shows that the misfortunes of the project continue. From the friends we talked to last we learned this:

40 kilometers of not yet started Yenisehir-Bilecik for a while to finance the line outsourced loan caller TCDD found this loan. But this time too Is full of Turkey's foreign credit lines because of onay Learn failed.

That's why…

In the near future Yenisehir-Bilecik It is not possible to start working on the line.

Even so…

Friends we talked to "That they can be experienced periodically" they drew attention and that you should not lose morale and lose hope They said.

According to them…

Turkey'This problem can be overcome without waiting for the economic problems to improve, but it is on the agenda of the mechanisms that will make the decision. bigger problems there is. That's why widening of view angle you have to wait.

They also added:

“It is up to Bursa to ensure this. However, the dynamics of Bursa should not leave political initiatives alone. This is what happens in other cities, but is missing in Bursa. ”

Don't get upset, but from these words Bursa, who does not know how to wait, will wait a little longer I understand.

Technical View: Train Speed ​​Will Not Change

Bursa'to change the train project name related resources they look like this:

“Changing its name to High Standard Railway is a technical application for obtaining foreign loans.”

The information they provide is this:

“The maximum speed of the train of 200 kilometers does not change. There are 250 kilometers of High Speed ​​Train and no load can be transported on these lines. 200 kilometers of High Speed ​​Train and these lines can carry both passengers and cargo. "

The account is this:

"The difference of 105 kilometers of Bursa-Osmaneli journey between the two trains is only 6-7 minutes." (Ahmet Emin Yılmaz/Olay)



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