Free Transportation for Citizens 65 Years and Over in the Capital Has Been Suspended ..!

Free transportation of citizens aged and over in the capital was suspended
Free transportation of citizens aged and over in the capital was suspended

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality announced that the application of citizens 65 years of age and older to use free public transportation is temporarily suspended.

The statement made by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality said: “As it is known, all the institutions of our State take precautions to protect our citizens from the Covid-19 (coronavirus) epidemic, which starts from Wuhan city of China and continues to threaten the world and is described as“ pandemic ”by the World Health Organization. continues to take.

Our citizens over the age of 65, who are in the highest risk group and are affected by the epidemic, Article 4736 of the Law No. 1 on the Tariffs Produced by Public Institutions and Organizations, and the "Free or Discounted Travel Cards Regulation" issued based on this Law. In accordance with “”, it uses the city and intercity lines of railways and seaways free of charge for urban public transportation services belonging to municipalities, companies established by municipalities, unions, institutions and enterprises or private individuals or companies authorized by municipalities.

Although the Ministry of Health and all levels of our state have been demanded to stay at home and prevent being in a collective context, it is observed that our citizens over 65 continue to use public transportation in Ankara. As a matter of fact, on 20.03.2020, it has been determined that 65 citizens over 36630 years of age use public transportation free of charge by rail systems and buses. It is understood that the right to benefit from public transportation free of charge increases public transportation and this situation is considered to increase the risk of epidemics.

Article 5393 of the Municipal Law No. 38 titled “The duties and powers of the mayor” subordinates the provision “Taking the necessary precautions for the peace, well-being, health and happiness of the townspeople”. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic and protect the health of our citizens over the age of 65, it has been decided to temporarily stop the use of all public transportation vehicles free of charge for citizens over the age of 65 for precautionary purposes. ”

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