Ordu Reduces Traffic Load of Metropolitan Sivas Junction

army reduces traffic load of large city Sivas intersection
army reduces traffic load of large city Sivas intersection

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to reduce the traffic density in the city.

In this context, the works that were recently started and completed by the Metropolitan Municipality at the Altınordu District Municipal Junction are continuing at the Sivas Junction. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out a feverish work day and night at the intersection, aims to accelerate the traffic flow in the city and decrease the traffic density with the completion of its works.


Expressing that the traffic density in the city will decrease and citizens will travel comfortably with the works carried out, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Coşkun Alp said, “There was a heavy traffic load in our city. From the moment we took office, our esteemed Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler instructed us on this issue and we started working with our teams. In this sense, we started our project work and planned what to do where. In the first place, we started working at the Municipal Crossroads and solved the traffic problem of that area. Then we started to work at Sivas Crossroad. There was heavy vehicle traffic here and it also caused accidents from time to time. With the works we will do, we will ensure that the traffic flows quickly and our citizens can travel comfortably. "Our work will not only be limited to these intersections, we will carry out these works at all our intersections in the city," he said.


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