Antakya Cable Car Project Starts Once Again

antakya cable car project is starting once again
antakya cable car project is starting once again

📩 06/03/2020 12:07

The “Antakya Cable Car Project” launched in 2012 by Hatay Metropolitan Municipality was stopped for various reasons. The Cable Car Project, which will be built approximately 1150 meters from the Iplik Pazarı district to the Habib-i Neccar mountain, is starting again.

The Antakya Cable Car Project was stopped due to historical artifacts that appeared in 2012.

The Cable Car Project will serve as a bridge where historical sites from different periods are combined and will be a major step towards Hatay's brand city, as well as contributing to the city's tourism potential.

The sub-station area, which is the starting point between Antakya and Habib-i Neccar Mountain, is located at the end point of Selçuk Caddesi, south of Şeyh Ali Mosque; the upper station area is located on Habib-i Neccar Mountain, south of the ruins of Antakya Castle.

Authorities stated that they are very pleased with the re-acceleration of the project by stating that the works are followed by drone. (Körfezgazet to)

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