Ankara Metro is entrusted to them

ankara metro is entrusted to them
ankara metro is entrusted to them

Transportation in Ankara subway is entrusted to Machinist Tuğba Çörtük and Melike Küçükbçakçı. Workers who work 10 hours a day are as ambitious as their male counterparts.

MORNING AnkaraAccording to the news of Vuslat Ay; “Female Machinists on the Kızılay, Çayyolu and Törekent metro lines set an example to their fellows with their determination and success. Tuğba Çörtük, one of the female vats, stated that she worked as a vat for 7 years and said, “Women should not give up when they want to do a job. It is necessary to want, love and not give up ”. Melike Küçükbçakcı, who has been a vat for 13 years, said, “If the woman wants, she does everything. I am both a mother and a machinist. ” Machinism has now become a profession where women have a say.

The determination and success of female drivers in the subways serving the public transportation in the city of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO Transportation Inc. are examples of their fellows. On the Kızılay, Çayyolu and Törekent metro lines, 3 women love their jobs. Tuğba Çörtük and Melike Küçükbçakcı explained their professions. Çörtük said, “The reactions are still going on. There are congratulations. It feels weird for people who are a little older. Men and women are equal, we can do all of us. On the first day I started work, a gentleman in the middle age will use this train. He said yes, I said yes, I said I will not get on this train. I said okay. I thought if I wasn't building trust. According to me, there is no work that a person cannot do ”. Stating that his family supports him in all matters, Çörtük said, “My family supports everything. Women should not give up when they want to do a job. It is necessary to want, to love and not to give up. ”

Both mother and machine

Melike Küçükbçakçı, a 2007-year-old mother of 36, who has been working in the Ankara subway since 3, said, “When I first entered, there were 3 women. Someone would retire I applied instead. I took the job. I was excited when I first started, but it is pleasant when you get used to the routine. I have 12 sons aged 6, 2,5 and 3. The woman does everything if she wants. I am both a mother and a vatman. ” Saying they are not believers when I say 'my machinist', Küçükbiçakcı said, “I get good reactions from the outside. A business is not very common in Turkey but I'm getting happily standing proudly in this task. They have difficulties, but as with everything. As my children got used to it, they no longer suffer from foreigners. His friends are very surprised. When people ask my profession, they don't understand when I say what I do. When they understand, they are amazed. But it got used to this situation over time. It was the first time I was very fooling, especially my wife. I was seeing a reaction to what you are doing in the men's business. I can keep up with everything after I have responsibility. To my family, to my children… ”



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