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Sand Storm in Polatlı District of Ankara
Sand Storm in Polatlı District of Ankara

Cold and rainy weather that continued from the beginning of the week brought snowfall in Ankara. Air temperatures dropped to -4 degrees at night.

Rainy weather, which continues intermittently throughout the week, brought freezing temperatures. While the snowfall that started in Ankara continued until the morning hours, the air temperatures also decreased significantly. While the streets were turning white in Ankara at night, warnings were given to drivers against icing and frost that may occur due to snowfall and cold weather.

After the cold and rainy weather throughout the week, how will the weather be in the weekend and next week in Ankara? Will snowfall continue? Here is the answer to the questions:

The air temperatures in Ankara are slowly getting warmer after Friday, March 20th. However, at night, the air temperatures will continue to be below zero and tomorrow. It is expected to be partly cloudy on Sunday, March 22, the air temperature is expected to be 16 degrees during the day and 2 degrees at night. On Monday, March 23 and Tuesday, the weather is cloudy and sunny at 17 degrees, 4 degrees at night, and the temperature on Wednesday and Thursdays goes up to 19 degrees. It is expected to enter a new rainy weather system starting Friday. It is anticipated that it will continue to showers with a few days intervals.

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