200 Vehicle Parking Lot for Altınordu

car park for altinorduya
car park for altinorduya

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Chairman of the parking lot, which has become a huge need throughout the province. In line with the instructions of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, he continues to produce permanent solutions, not local.

In order to find a solution to the city's parking lot needs, the Metropolitan Municipality, which started working on the area on the north side of the September 19 Stadium, expanded the existing parking area and offered the parking lot of approximately 200 vehicles to the service of the citizens.


Coşkun Alp, General Secretary of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who examined the works on the spot, said, “There were difficulties in parking in our city. For this reason, we started to work on an area of ​​2 thousand 500 square meters behind the stadium in the first place. This area, which also spilled asphalt, was a step towards solving the need for parking. This area, where at least 200 vehicles can be parked together with the existing parking area, will provide a relief within the city. In this way, we will continue to increase our work. We thank our teammates who contributed and we hope that our investments will be beneficial to our city. ”

Within the scope of the project, there are approximately 4 vehicles of parking lot and parking lot lighting on 847 thousand 200 square meters, motorcycle parking area, club building facade improvement, printed concrete floor application and 4.610 square meter asphalt ground work.



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