Akçaray Tramways are Disinfected Every Day Against Coronary Virus

akcaray trams are disinfected every day against coronavirus
akcaray trams are disinfected every day against coronavirus

TransportationPark, which is one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, has been taking many precautions due to the coronavirus that has spread around the world recently, allowing citizens to travel in a cleaner and more hygienic environment in tramway. In this context, TransportationPark teams that clean and disinfect the Akçaray trams every day, also carry out planned and continuous air conditioning cleaning so that passengers can travel in a clean and high-quality environment.


In Akçaray trams operated by İletişimPark, high importance is given to cleanliness. Akçaray pollen filter 18 employees in line 360 tram in 15 days değişiyork that began with a change also seen 7 days after the coronavirus cases measures taken in Turkey. In this way, it is ensured that citizens can travel peacefully and safely while preventing any bad weather conditions that may occur in the vehicle.


The trams use the latest technology cleaning system. Disinfection is carried out with the ultraviolet lamp system placed inside the vents. With ultraviolet light technology, bacteria and microorganisms in the air are filtered and destroyed before arriving in the cabins where passengers travel.


Akçaray trams are disinfected in detail every day for citizens to travel in a sterilized environment. In the trams that are cleaned internally and externally, the most contacted points are especially meticulously cleaned. Handles, buttons, armchairs, headrests, windows and floor cleaning are carried out daily. During the day, the most contacted points of cleaning teams are cleaned one by one.


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