Short Work Allowance Has Been Revised Within The Scope Of Coronavirus Measures


In the short-time working allowance, it was reduced to 600 days 450 to 120 days 60. Applications for “short-time working allowance” have started for businesses that are negatively affected by the outbreak. Applications are made to İŞKUR electronically.

Short Work Allowance Application for Employer

In order for the employer to apply; The weekly working hours at the workplace should be temporarily reduced by at least a third, or the operation at the workplace should be stopped for at least four weeks, regardless of the continuity condition.

Short Work Allowance Application for Worker

In order for the worker to receive payment, he is subject to the last 120 days of service contract before the start of the short work, and he has paid at least 3 days in the last 450 years.




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