Traffic Density in Gebze OIZs will be Reduced with the Giant Project

With the giant project, traffic density in Gebze OSBs will decrease.
With the giant project, traffic density in Gebze OSBs will decrease.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is adding a new one to its projects that will bring comfort to transportation. In this regard, the Metropolitan Municipality has rolled up its sleeves to reduce the traffic density on the TEM Highway between Gebze OSB regions and Gebze district center. Metropolitan Municipality has put out a tender for the giant project where there will be new bridges and side roads.


Traffic density is experienced at the Tembelova and Kirazpınar bridges on the TEM Highway, which connects to Gebze OSB regions and Gebze district center and D-100 Highway, especially in the morning and evening hours. Within the scope of the project to be implemented jointly by the General Directorate of Highways and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the bridge renewal between the 43rd and 46,5th kilometers of the TEM Highway (highway location between Kirazpınar District and Sultan Orhan, İnönü and Arapçeşme Neighborhoods), new bridge construction and new side roads will be built. It is aimed to create a smooth traffic circulation by decreasing the traffic density on the TEM Highway with the works of 3 and a half kilometers. While the bridge constructions will be made by the General Directorate of Highways, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will construct the side roads. The tender for “Gebze District TEM Highway Bridges Connection Roads 60st Stage Construction Work” was held for the giant project, which will cost Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality approximately 1 million TL.


Within the scope of the project, 3 new bridges will be built on the TEM Highway in 4 and a half kilometers by the General Directorate of Highways, and two existing bridges will be expanded. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, on the other hand, will construct 12 kilometers of roads along the north and south of the TEM Highway, along with joining and leaving lanes. Within the scope of the project, Metropolitan Municipality, 215 thousand cubic meters of excavation, 225 thousand cubic meters of road embankment, 32 thousand 500 tons of bituminous foundation, 25 thousand tons of binder asphalt, 4 thousand 250 tons of abrasive asphalt, 25 thousand 400 square meters parquet pavement, 7 thousand 500 meters drainage line, It will perform 6 thousand 200 cubic meters of stone walls, 5 thousand 100 meters of earthen walls, 10 meters of guardrails, horizontal and vertical traffic signs, road crossings and lighting works.


14 companies submitted bids for the tender held at the main service building of Izmit district of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. While Doğan Construction gave the highest bid in the tender with 63 million 733 thousand TL, the lowest bid came from the partnership of İBM İnşaat + İlpet Petrol İnşaat.




İBM İnş. + İlpet Petrol İnş. 44 million 603 thousand TL
Fıratoğlu Construction 44 million 666 thousand TL
Kar Asfalt Ins. 44 million 730 thousand TL
AGF Energy Ins + Ak Zen Cons. 45 million 445 thousand TL
Mirac Ins. 45 million 616 thousand TL
Trans-Of National Nak. Const. 47 million 159 thousand TL
Icon Mat 47 million 220 thousand TL
Fade Taah. Const. 49 million 328 thousand TL
Bahaş Cons. 52 million 793 thousand TL
Egecan İnş. 54 million 917 thousand TL
Principle Construction Cons. 55 million 880 thousand TL
SYA Infrastructure Cons. + Emay Architecture 56 million 228 thousand TL
Ergezen Construction 57 million 990 thousand TL
Doğan İnş. 63 million 733 thousand TL








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