Will TÜRASAŞ Recruit Staff from Three Unified Institutions?

Will turasas merge take staff of the institution
Will turasas merge take staff of the institution

Transport Business Union President Cihad Koray stated that there are questions that need to be answered about the 3 institutions gathered under one roof with the decision of the President.

With the signature of the President, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞ gathered under one roof and became TÜRASAŞ last week. Following this decision, Cihad Koray, the President of the Transportation Work Union, made statements and asked questions to be answered.

Stating that it is not clear what awaits the three institutions after the decision, Koray said, "I think that this institution will be much longer, even if the institutional structuring related to this merger will be completed within 3 months."

Cihad Koray, the President of the Transportation Business Union, who raised the questions that came to mind after the three institutions gathered under one roof, asked the following questions that he asked to be answered;

“Have their legal status disappeared along with the names of these institutions?

The open and closed areas, social facilities, lodgings and immovable properties that these institutions are currently operating, belong to TCDD. In this case, whether or not to transfer the business areas and relocations to the new company?

Whether TÜRASAŞ will recruit all of the employees of these three institutions.

Will TÜRASAŞ be a complaint alone or will it have several partners? Who or which institutions will these partners be? What is the rationale for gathering these entities, which pull the railways, which have more than half a century of history, and which provide the towed vehicles, under one roof? ”

Underlining that the answers to the questions are of particular concern to the workers working in these 3 companies, Koray said, “According to the decree, these institutions seem to have lost the qualification of the General Directorate. This will also have a negative impact on employees. It will be very difficult for the personnel of Adapazarli, who also work at TÜVASAŞ, to appoint high-level positions such as head of department, deputy general manager and general manager. Those who can be appointed will have to move to Ankara. In short, the end of the road in 1985 has come to an end. With this merger, a brand known both at home and abroad has been lost. Therefore, I follow those who advocate this merger, say it was good, and who express their opinions in this regard, with dignity and sorrow. they will have to. In other words, it will compete with domestic and foreign companies operating in this sector. ” (Medyab is)



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