We Are Behind The Supply Chain

We are behind the supply chain
We are behind the supply chain

The corona virus (COVID-19), which started in Wuhan, China and spread all over China and the world, affects not only the Chinese economy but also the world economy. States, institutions and individuals are trying to act together to implement the measures and follow rules. In the current period, continuity in the supply chain is the most important priority of many institutions. In addition to trying to protect our health, basic needs must be met as long as life continues. In this case, the continuation of the supply chain without interruption is very important for the country's economy and sociology in order for the manufacturer companies to continue their activities, especially in order to provide basic food and health materials and raw materials where needed, in the required quantity, at the required time.
For companies that provide complete logistics services with all transportation modes such as seaway, highway, railway and warehouse services, it is vitally critical that business processes are not interrupted. In addition to the continuity of the companies, the delivery of products necessary for human life, from medical materials to basic food and raw materials, is vital and critical in this extraordinary process.

For the continuity of the supply chain, Arkas works with all means to ensure the continuity of the work in the field by taking the necessary measures for the health of its employees in the maritime, logistics and port groups, which are its main business lines, including working remotely.

Arkas Line Continues Its Services

While the agency group continues to provide services in 23 countries with 61 offices abroad, Arkas Line continues its operations without interruption in 68 ports it serves.

Arkas Line CEO Can Atalay said, “Although the decrease in exports from China has caused serious problems in the container planning of ship owners in recent weeks, as Arkas Line, we are not having a problem in meeting the container needs of our customers.” Customers can also check their freight webtracking.arkasline.com.t is He can underline that they can provide services according to the new conditions in the world.

Interactive communication takes the lead in Arkas Shipping. Arkas Shipping, which meets its customers by e-mail and telephone, continues its field and other operational processes with its field personnel, and continues to support its customers with instant interventions. Automatic notification mails and sms are sent to all registered customers, such as full entry of the container to the port, ship departure, bill of lading, ship arrival, container delivery until the container is delivered to the recipient.  I online.arkas.co if ; It also stands out as a site where exporter customers make their VGM entries, view information such as reservation details, and import forwarder customers enter registration information. CCO, Arkas Line Regional Management Ece Çok Değer said, “There are people at the center of our business - our customers, business partners, colleagues. For this reason, we call health first. In addition, we continue to provide our services without interruption by taking all precautions so that our customers' commercial activities are not interrupted. ”

A, B and C Plans are Ready at Arkas Logistics

Especially since our raw material needs in production are mainly covered by imports, meeting basic needs for the continuity of life depends on the continuity of logistics. Arkas Logistics, which presents the concept of “Complete Logistics” by taking the variety of services to the advanced level, has taken all necessary precautions for continuity and the health of its employees since the beginning of the process. Thanks to the home access infrastructure provided by the information technologies company BIMAR within the body of Arkas, the company operates with 95 percent performance and continues to maintain healthy communication with its customers. Arkas Logistics, which transfers its white collar employees to a XNUMX percent home-to-work environment, continues to serve on the field gradually and alternately with its staff working in warehouses and garages. Arkas Logistics uses the Logistics Common Platform system LOOP, which is developed entirely by Bimar teams, to carry out all its operational processes. There is also a mobile-based application running on the Loop Mobile smart phone, tablet, where non-office field teams can carry out their work (visit entries, work flow approvals can be given, city and port prices can be tracked).

Arkas Logistics uses the Loop Online Customer Portal, another web-based application for tracking the status of its customers' loads online. With this application, it can access both current and retrospective booking-load information and actively follow the current status of its loads on the road.

Arkas Logistics CEO Onur Göçmez, who said that the ABC plans were prepared in advance as a company, said: “Last week we launched the A plan and this week we switched to the B plan. Our measures are ready for all scenarios. In this period, we started to build a stronger bond with our customers, and unity increased. ”

Online Access Full in Marport

Marport Port Operations continues its field and ship operations by focusing the health of both its employees and customers. The company strengthened its IT infrastructure by making necessary announcements to make the systems used in business processes more effective. With one of these systems, the Agency Portal, agencies can perform all follow-ups from this system as well as reports such as X-ray service information, opening and closing minutes, seal information, and interchange applied to transit containers. Navis CAP, on the other hand, stands out as a system that is used in detail by the agencies and lines to report on the operations. In this way, the reports such as load-discharge, seal, x-ray, cfs activities, yard activities, gate activities can also be sent to the lines automatically by mail. SAP-BO, another system used by Marport, provides automatic reporting to importers to monitor their containers and vehicles through the system of interest. Thus, reports are sent to companies by e-mail. Thanks to the Marport Web Site, companies can perform Dock Schedule, Plate Inquiry, Import Invoicing, X-Ray Inquiry and Container Inquiry instantaneously. "Customer Support Line" continues to provide services on 0212 401 65 00.

In addition, employees can reach their customers' needs instantly by accessing remote, operational and commercial reports via Navis TOS.

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