Warning Messages Against Coronavirus on Led Traffic Signs in Mersin

Information in all areas for coronavirus
Information in all areas for coronavirus

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, all spread over the world and in Turkey is increasing the scope of the measures taken by emerging coronavirus outbreak.

Metropolitan Municipality dressed public transportation vehicles against Coronavirus with informative advertisements. In addition to all these, Metropolitan prepared a brochure for the public. Warning messages against the coronavirus were also included in the led signs of the Department of Transportation located throughout the city.

People were warned against the Coronavirus on the billboards hung in Mersin and districts. "Protect yourself, your family and public health," said Billboars. Don't leave if you don't have to! ” message appeared.

There are informations against the Coronavirus in public transportation vehicles of the Metropolitan

In the informative bus dressings that are located behind the public transportation vehicles of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, he said, “Your hands are frequently used for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. wash ”,“ Don't be in crowded places ”,“ Don't touch your face area as much as possible ”,“ Elderly people and those with chronic disease; If possible, do not leave the house ”,“ Stay away from sick people ”,“ Cover your mouth with handkerchiefs while sneezing, coughing ”.

Informative leaflets were prepared

Brochures were also prepared by Metropolitan to inform citizens. Colorful drawings and texts, methods of protection from coronavirus and what to do. In the brochure, which was published under the heading “Guide to Protection from Corona by Numbers”, it was stated that the washing time of hands was 20 seconds, the safe distance with people was 1 meter and the quarantine period of those with risk of disease was 14 days.

The 'Critical Protection Against Corona' included information such as washing hands frequently with soap, while coughing and sneezing, the mouth should be covered with a handkerchief, the hands should not be touched with the face, people who cough, sneeze, should be avoided from fever, and patients should not be approached more than 5 meter.

The truths and wrongs about coronavirus are explained

As the 5 accurate information about coronavirus, it is stated that the mortality rate is higher in males, high blood pressure and smoking increase the risk, the mortality rate under 50 is very low, normal soap is sufficient when washing hands and pets have no effect on the spread of the virus.

As the 5 wrong information about coronavirus, the wrong information that the mask prevents getting infected, washing the nose with salty water protects, some foods protect from disease, it is enough not to touch a place in public transportation and drinking plenty of water protects from the disease.

Information is provided at 5 different points with LED signs

Citizens were invited to be cautious against Coronavirus with the messages on the led signs of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department.

Citizens in the traffic are informed about the coronavirus with the "Touch to Water Soap" messages, which are rotated in 5 seconds on the led signs located at the 7 points of the city.

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