Public Transportation Use Halved in Bursa

Use of public transportation in Bursa has been halved
Use of public transportation in Bursa has been halved

According to the information received from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the fact that schools are holidays, some private sector companies allow their employees, or the method of working remotely halved the use of public transportation. The number of passengers, which is 1 million per day, decreased by 50 percent to 490-500 thousand.

The number of passengers in the rail transport vehicles used by 9 thousand 292 people in the city on March 97, decreased by 17 percent on March 55,2 and decreased to 161 thousand 912.

The number of people using the city bus was 9 thousand 255 on March 553 and decreased by 16 percent on March 55,5, dropping to 142 thousand 79.

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, we need to reduce the number of flights under normal conditions. However, we did not reduce the number of flights for the health of our citizens. Our citizens can travel without touching each other and maintaining a healthy distance. ”

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