Travel Permit Required for Travel by Bus

Travel permit is required for traveling by bus
Travel permit is required for traveling by bus

In order to protect the public health, intercity bus travels were allowed in line with the recommendations of the scientific committee. Citizens who have to travel and meet the specified conditions can travel with the permission they will get from the Travel Permission Board.

Within the framework of the pandemic measures, traveling between buses and cities was permitted as of 28 March 2020 in order to stay in the cities where all citizens are located and to prevent the spread of the epidemic. The Travel Permit Board, which was established within the bus terminal and formed by officials from various institutions, started to grant travel permits to citizens who meet the necessary conditions. With the decision of the doctor, those who are deemed appropriate, those who have died in the first degree or who are seriously ill, citizens who have no place to stay in the last 1 days can travel by obtaining a travel permit.

Expressing that they have taken the necessary precautions at the bus station within the scope of the Corona Virus Combat Action Plan, the officials of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality stated that everyone, including the staff, is controlled by thermal cameras at the entrances. Noting that the announcements were made about the social distance within the bus station, the officials stated that citizens who have to travel and provide the conditions can come to Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Intercity Bus Terminal and contact the Travel Permit Board.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the statement “Intercity travels are subject to the permission of the governorships” regarding the intercity travel permits. According to the circular on the website of the Ministry of Interior; Intercity bus travel will not be possible except citizens who have the conditions deemed appropriate by the governorships. Citizens who have died in first degree relatives or have serious illness and citizens who have no place to stay, especially in the last fifteen days, can apply to the governorships or district governorships to obtain a travel permit.


Citizens who are obliged to travel between cities will apply to the Travel Permit Board, which will be established under the coordination of governors and district governors, and request a travel document. For those whose request is deemed appropriate, an intercity bus travel permit document will be issued by the board, including travel route and duration. The bus expedition planning will be made by the Travel Permit Board and the relevant people will be informed.

The Travel Permission Board will list the list of citizens who will travel by bus, their phones, and the passenger lists, whose addresses are indicated in their destination, to the governorship in the city to be visited. The buses that are allowed to travel can only stop at the provincial bus terminals on the travel routes and they can take the passengers who are allowed to travel by the governorships of the provinces where they stop in case there is a gap in their capacity. Bus companies' shuttle services will be banned.


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