The Death Cause Of The Horses On The Islands Is Not Ruam!

The reason for the horses on the islands is not my spirit
The reason for the horses on the islands is not my spirit

After 105 horses were killed due to ruam disease in the Islands, the horses were quarantined. During the quarantine period, IMM announced that the coaches were lifted and that the license plates and horses would be purchased by them. Following this statement, Adalar Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Association filed a lawsuit against Istanbul Governorship and IMM. We talked to the Association's Horse and Equine official, Emin Mahir Başdoğan, about the process and the reasons for filing a lawsuit.

Horses in the Islands have been kept in stables contrary to the law and their nature since December 19. The Ruam regulation clearly and clearly states what to do if an horse is suspicious of ruam. In this regulation, tests are applied to horses with suspicious spirit and other horses in the stable in 20-day periods. This test is repeated 3 times. At the end of every 20 days, the horse, which has a negative result in the test, is removed from the quarantine and the suspect continues to be kept in quarantine, and the positive one is killed. At the end of the 60-day test period, all of the horses found to have no spirit are out of quarantine. This entire process is carried out in accordance with the quarantine conditions.

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya made a statement contrary to the time and conditions specified in the Ruam Regulation. He said; "The horse was stopped for 3 months in horse-drawn carriages for the completion of the ruam disease test process on the horses." Ruam test process 60 days, ban 3 months !!!

During this period, it was decided to arrange the public transportation in the district by IMM. In this process, İBB said, "I am buying phaetons." Horses have been kept in stables contrary to their nature since December 19.

After the announcement of the İBB, the horses will be sold for the animal activists, who have created agenda in the public through social media and who are holding a life agenda in front of İBB Saraçhane. Associations, federations and confederations operating on animal rights are silent.

Adalar Association for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage on the other hand, citing the horses on the islands contrary to the nature and stating that it is wrong and illegal Ekrem İmamaoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Home Istanbul Governorship filed a lawsuit against.

As, we talked with Emin Mahir Başdoğan, the Horse and Equine Authority of Adalar Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Association, on why they sued and the status of horses on the islands.

To the Governor of Istanbul and the President of IMM Ekrem İmamoğluWhy did you sue?

It is an arbitrary decision of the Istanbul Governorship and is illegal, with the horses remaining in the stables for 3 months and the prohibition of going out. On January 10, we filed a lawsuit to the Governorship of Istanbul. Diseased and healthy were not distinguished. Keeping sick horses and healthy ones together means their death. The test process stated in the Ruam Regulation was not complied with. Glanders has struggled with the principles in Turkey as well as Europe and the USA. Ruam quarantine; It is limited by taking control of the facility in which ruam is detected. This is clearly stated in our Ruam regulation. Quarantine measures are applied only at the enterprise where the disease is confirmed. Otherwise, not all horses are gathered in the same stable, as they are now on the islands. I would like to express it again by underlining that; The quarantine measures applied in Ruam's disease are limited to the enterprise where the disease is confirmed. We also filed a lawsuit against IMM on January 21 about the improper purchase of carriages. IMM also misused the public resource.

Horses Are Not Ruam According To The Ruam Regulation!

What should be done when the presence or suspicion of Ruam disease is suspected?

First of all, let me state that there is a blood test in Adalar every 6 months. As for your question; The disease must be reported to the competent authority by the animal owner, caregiver or free veterinarian following the disease. If it is suspected that the horse is my spirit; it is primarily stored in a separate place. Suspicious animals are subjected to mallein testing by an official veterinarian or authorized veterinarians.

If the mallein test applied to suspicious animals in the outbreak is positive, the official veterinarian or authorized veterinarian will issue a disease report. The gathered animal health police commission decides to announce the disease and announces it. At the end of Mallein application, the animals that are found to be sick are killed and destroyed. Entry and exit of other horses is prohibited in the said enterprise.

The disease is not certain but Suspicious horses, on the other hand, are taken under surveillance twenty days later after being taken under surveillance by the official veterinarian or authorized veterinarian in the place that the owner will show. As a result of this test, those who are positive and suspicious are considered to be spiritual and killed; the negative ones are released.

All horses in the same enterprise with the horse whose ruam is detected are subjected to intradermic mallein test as suspicious of the disease. Twenty days later, animals are tested again in animals that react negatively to the first test. In this application, those who leave negative are released. The positive ones are killed. Suspects are tested again after twenty days. As a result of this third test, those who are positive and suspicious are killed and those who give negative results are released.

Since Ruam disease is dangerous for human health, it is not allowed to enter the horses where they are located without protective clothing, masks and gloves that cover the whole body. There are no protective clothing, masks and gloves that cover the whole body of the grooms or the veterinarian in the video shot published by İBB !!!

İBB has already announced the ruam quarantine on the islands with its video.

The horses on the islands were taken on December 19, today is March 3… It has been 75 days. According to the Ruam regulation, the 60-day period has already expired.

Ruam Excuse

In this case, the horses are not my spirit. So why are they still being kept in stables?

The horses in the Islands are not from the ruam quarantine! Had the horses been Ruam, wouldn't they have been killed by now!

We do not know if Ruam tests have been carried out on horses previously culled as Ruam. The horses were culled by an operation at 03:30 of the night. A horse to be culled has escaped and that horse is currently alive. I have no objection to redemption if I have a ru. The culling of the ruam horse is already in the law. "Why are the animals killed?" I'm not talking because the rules are clear. There is no point in doing this with hidden covers. If the horse has been confirmed as a result of the tests, the horses must be culled immediately. Why was the need to hide! Suspicious horses were culled 30 days after the test was done!

This scream is an excuse to try to pull off on Ruam. Horses and coachmen were obliged to keep the carriages and the battery-powered vehicles come to the Islands, and they continue to be kept.

The carriages cannot be banned by law, because the law says that the transportation of the Islands is done with horse-drawn carriages. In this case, all that is left is to compel carmen, their carriages and their ancestors. After 3 months, some gave up and sold to IMM. The remaining coachmen and horse owners are resisting. The horses will continue to be kept in the barn until their resistance is broken and they have to sell the horses to IMM.

They used people's ignorance of horses. They go even further and try to create a perception that these horses are my dream because they draw cars. My spouse has nothing to do with the car. Yes, Ruam is an infectious disease in single-hoofed animals. Technically it can infect humans. But statistically, there is not a single person who died and died in the history of the island !!!

Izmir gave 5 thousand per plate, Istanbul 300 thousand TL!

You told IMM President Imamoglu that you have filed a lawsuit for improper procurement and misuse of public resources. Can you explain the irregularity and the misuse?

Everything that is currently happening on the Islands is against the law. Can Imamoglu see himself above the laws and say 'I forbid phaetons'? Since they could not do this by law, the issue of ruam, which has existed for many years and which can be controlled by simple measures, was excused and they banned a horse-drawn carriage for 3 months. In this process, the IMM went on to purchase horses in order to deactivate the phaetonians and actually end their phaetonism, and offered them to the phaetonians as if they were saving them. In an environment that would not be able to earn money for 3 months and it was unclear what would happen at the end of 3 months, cart drivers were offered 300 thousand per plate and 4 thousand TL per horse. It was also promised that one person from each family of phaetonians would work at IMM. It would be naive to think that the charterer who was obliged to sell his carriage and horses with his free will.

We would have preferred it, if İBB could say that I am nationalizing it. It would be a much bigger crime then. Misuse of public resources is a huge case. While İzmir has 32 thousand TL per plate - 5 plates per plate, what kind of income is targeted from Adalar, 300 thousand TL per plate is given! In total, it is 90 million TL. While horses have been struggling to survive in stalls for more than 2 months in contradiction with their nature, depending on 1 meter of rope, it would be extremely naive to think that so much money was given to save the horses from the cruelty of the coachman. This application made is against the law. A job is being finished. It is also a crime to reduce the value of animals in the animal protection law.

Why are the losses of coachmen who do not carry out coaches for 3 months because they could not run their horses? After all, the coachmen aren't arbitrarily stopped the job…

This is a question we are all curiously waiting for! The horses are not conditioned to foytons with the arbitrary decision of the Istanbul Governorship. But the price of this is paid by dying horses stalled!

Animal Lovers Without Knowledge of Horse Was Used!

Do you say that animal rights defenders who accused the carriages of torturing horses caused the horses to experience a greater suffering?

Unfortunately yes. Those who tried to save the horse and the island with ignorance without knowing the horse animal, received a plague that they could not handle. These people, who tried to adopt cat dogs on the street and struggle to save them from the shelters of the municipalities, left the ownership of the owned horses and left them in the shelters of the municipality! Did they really believe that municipalities and public administrations that cannot take care of the cat and dog will look after an animal like a horse!

Horses riding horse are dying or if those who say zero horse carriages really did this for horses, now they are struggling to survive in stables. Where are they! Not that day, but today they have to keep a vigil for horses.

For the last 10 years, under the guise of animalism, a great deal of horse stalking and ignorance have been made. They show whipping to horses as bad practice in carriage. If he strikes the horse-drawn horses hard, those horses will distribute that horse-drawn carriage. It is tried to change the idea of ​​people on the streets by saying 'horse's work is sin', 'horse's work is cruelty' without knowing the horse's life needs. However, the horse animal dies when it is not working. The heart of horses is rather small compared to its body. Thanks to advanced muscle and tendon ligament systems, they support blood circulation in their bodies. Since the circulatory system is not working properly when the horse is closed to the barn, their hearts get stressed above their capacity and this increases the risk of death in horses by having a heart attack.

There are 4 thousand battery powered vehicles in the Islands!

So What Is The Purpose?

The aim is to get cordless vehicles into the Islands. The law says that the transportation of the Islands is done by horse-drawn carriages. Since there was no law forbidding phaetons, public was created using animal lovers who were ignorant of horses. Carriages were not run for 3 months with the excuse of Ruam. The coachman was finished using economic weapons. The carriageman was forced to sell his carriage and his horse. While there is an order in the island that needs to continue according to the current laws, the officials whose primary duties are to protect the existing laws but are not successful in this regard condone the battery powered vehicles. There are over 4 illegal battery powered vehicles in the Islands. It is even used in official service.

The island is at this point the road, it is bulking the appetite of construction bidders. I think the appeal of rent in Istanbul is that it is mind-blowing. The island must have a difference from Maltepe to Beylikdüzü. Let them use these electric cars wherever they want suits Beylikdüzü very well. But these do not have to be on the Island. The misdemeanors of the vehicles we call battery powered vehicles are within themselves. Just like batteries. What kind of pollution will the batteries create! When these vehicles increase, we will start to see a workshop on the Islands.

The state, I lift these carriages, I feel sorry if the time has passed, but I will not make my voice. However, I do not save animals, do not come under excuses such as torment and disease. Say we're going to build a skyscraper there. There was no horse riding it is all over Turkey. While in the 1970s at 1 million 100 thousand ever stayed at in Turkey.

Horses have drawn carriages on the Islands for 150 years. When this is done in the work order, it is not persecution, it is not torture. Is there a bad example? It is not an example of a bad example. They have been sharing the photo of the horse lying on the ground for four years. There is death in every environment with horse animals. There are also in humans. Which barn did not die? They recently announced in a shelter with horses in the USA; a natural death rate of 10% is normal. In Adalar, where there are nearly 2000 horses, deaths are very reasonable. We need to exclude Ruam culls. Because my spirit is a disease that is obligatory in our laws.

With the suspicion of Ruam, the horses were taken from their owners and closed to the stables. According to the Ruam regulation, the 20-day test period is over, including 60-day periods. During this period, some of the coachmen accepted the offer of IMM. The owners of the remaining horses are still coachmen.

Quarantine Period has Expired According to Ruam Regulation. What will happen now?

The quarantine of the enjoyment of Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya is not over. Apparently, animal lovers are right this time. Governor Yerlikaya thinks Adalar is his farm. He also made a pleasure to this farm. We look forward to it. We do not really know how long the governorship and IMM will continue to act illegally.

The horses must be returned to their owners and the phaetons are back to work as transportation vehicles in the Islands. Because the law says clearly and clearly; Transportation in the Islands can only be done with horse drawn carriages. No battery powered vehicle in the Islands is legal!

Do you think that the horses that have been tied in the stables for more than 2 months are able to run in cars?

Horses that are kept in stables contrary to their nature can not be expected to be healthy all this time. The circulatory and digestive systems will be disrupted at the beginning.

They need to be rehabilitated and taken into care. Those who are sick will need to undergo a serious treatment process. They return to their old weight in a very long time. They should lie down in the paddock and roll and rest.

If Horses Come Out of the Islands, It Goes Unknown!

What Will Happen to Horses Bought by IMM?

This is the most important question that is not asked when everything is happening. What will happen to the horses? I don't know either. IMM suddenly became one of the most important actors of the equine community. There were about 1800 horses in the Islands. In the last statements, it was said that there were 1275 horses in the stables. Coachers who said yes to this attractive offer because they could not resist economically or have more than one license plate, sold phaetons and horses. İBB currently has 624 horses. The remaining coachers are still resisting. The quarantine period has also expired. It was illegal, but now the "ruam quarantine" holster is gone. Since they can not ban the carriages in the Islands, coachmen should be on the job.

İmamoğlu Bey is the addressee of the question of what will happen to the horses bought by the IMM. However, İzmir could not take care of 32 horses and those horses are now tormenting in the serum farm in Ankara. Antalya Municipality does not even say what it is doing. He says we have owned it. The animal lover community knows how the İBB takes care of cats and dogs in Istanbul. All I know is that the horses should not leave the Islands. If the horses come out of the Islands, it goes to unknown. If animal rights advocates want the horses in the Islands to live, they have to keep a vigil to keep the horses out of the Islands.

Last question. Was it very difficult to establish an order in the Islands, where the law is transported by phaeton? Horses have been tormented in stables for more than 3 months. What happens next to the horses is uncertain. Complaining that there is no money in its safe, İBB is under the debt burden of 90 million TL. After all, this money will come out of the pocket of the nation… I really wonder, would it be more difficult or more costly to establish order?

Layout is very easy. Just ask. If there is an opinion that the island phaetons can live properly today, I am talking ambitiously, in 1 month, you can have an exemplary application that works perfectly, which you can be proud of with its horses.

The problem stems from the lack of order anyway. The island's stable order is so bad that it is the official stables made by the municipalities. Stables are poor and this is not the fault of coachmen. When these stables were built, they were made like a factory. Island stables are stables made for horses that run constantly. It is not suitable for horses running on the Islands. Horses need to roll down to lie down for their health. While there were horse trams in Istanbul in the past, horses would be released into the meadow once a week. Horses that were run in the military were removed from the horseshoe for 1 month a year, and they were taken up and released. There is no paddock area on the islands.

With the money to be given to the phaetonians, Adalar can become a worldwide equestrian center. Island carriages pass all carriages worldwide. My determination on the island is that there are extremely well-groomed and seasoned horses in favorable care conditions. Despite crowded and battery powered vehicles, it is very important for horses to keep calm and I am afraid to lose it.

My heart wishes that the cops on the Islands be used as horses. There is no place in the Princes' Islands that the police cannot reach. I would like both the mayor and the district governor to have their equipments. People who are away from horses and carriages think the carriage is persecution.

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