Denizli Metropolitan attaches great importance to disinfection in transportation

The big city of Deniz gives great importance to disinfection in transportation
The big city of Deniz gives great importance to disinfection in transportation

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues to clean and disinfect regularly at all service points against the coronavirus, citizens state that they are very satisfied with the measures taken.

The metropolitan coronavirus struggle continues uninterruptedly

Within the scope of the measures taken against the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality coronavirus (Kovid-19), it continues to work on cleaning and disinfection in all metropolitan service areas such as bus terminal, municipal buses, stops, parks, resting areas, cultural and social facilities, which are used extensively by the citizens. In this context, teams affiliated to the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department continue disinfection studies with biocidal products licensed by the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Public Health and metropolitan service points. In addition, the teams are carrying out intensive disinfection work in all service buildings of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, such as firefighters, Stray Animals Housing and Rehabilitation Center, sports, social and cultural facilities.

Great importance is attached to disinfection in transportation

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. attaches great importance to disinfection against coronavirus in city buses serving in the city. While the buses are subjected to cleaning and disinfection procedures before the trip, drivers are also subjected to health checks and disinfection devices are placed inside the vehicles. In addition to these measures, it is stated that the passenger capacity in the municipal buses has been reduced and warnings have been made in the seating arrangement to prevent contact between the passengers. Under the coordination and supervision of the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, disinfection is also carried out in passenger buses and minibuses moving from Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bus Terminal to the districts.

Citizens are satisfied

  • Nihat Trigger: I think it's a very good work. Metropolitan Municipality is spraying, disinfecting, satisfied everywhere. They wipe even ATMs and make them hygienic. I would like to thank all the laborers for their work. I want the studies to continue this way.
  • Arzu Karayazı: The work is very good. Actually, I am very surprised that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is doing the best and right of the works. I came to Denizli for the first time in a very precautionary way. I liked the works very much, congratulations.
  • Aysegul Cin: I live in Izmir. The work done in Denizli is very beautiful and successful. We want these studies to be done in every city. These studies are for our health. I hope it continues to be done this way.
  • Ercan Rudder: I find the measures and works taken by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality against coronavirus very successful. There are very good works. I also appreciate your relief work for our elderly. We thank Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan for his work, we stand behind and support these works.
  • Osman Manay: I am a student at Pamukkale University. Disinfection is important for us. We are going through a difficult period. Everyone needs to pay attention to their own hygiene, but I congratulate them for their responsibilities.

“We will survive these days in unity and solidarity”

Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan said that they continue the fight against coronavirus regardless of working hours and take many additional measures. Emphasizing that citizens should not leave the house unless it is compulsory, Mayor Osman Zolan said, “As Metropolitan Municipality, we continue our cleaning and disinfection works at all our service points. We continue to work for the health of our citizens by taking all the measures that fall on us. Our citizens please heed all warnings. I sincerely believe that we will survive these days in unity and solidarity. ” Expressing that they brought free city buses to the pharmacists and pharmacists as well as healthcare workers, Mayor Zolan thanked all the healthcare workers working with great devotion and wished them all the best.

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