Suicide Prevented on İZBAN Rails

miracle on izban rails
miracle on izban rails

The woman who attempted suicide by jumping in front of the İZBAN train in Buca district of Izmir survived by chance. The effort of the driver, who went down after stopping the train, to take the woman off the tracks, was recorded by a passenger on her cell phone.

As the train approached at Şirinyer İZBAN station, a woman tried to commit suicide by jumping on the rails. The mechanic, who passed over the woman lying on the rails by the train, saw that the woman miraculously escaped the incident as she descended among the screams of the passengers around. Despite the mechanic's insistence, the woman, who did not want to leave where she was, was soon persuaded. It was learned that the health condition of the woman, whose name has not been released, is good.

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