Ramadan Feast Bonus will be paid to retirees between April 7-11!

Ramadan holiday bonus to retirees will be paid between April
Ramadan holiday bonus to retirees will be paid between April

📩 29/03/2020 12:52

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk announced that approximately 12 million retirees will receive the Ramadan Feast bonuses from April 7-11.

SSK members will receive a Feast Bonus between April 7-10 and Bağ-Kur and Retirement Fund Retirees on April 11.

Reminding that they put forward the holiday bonus payments within the scope of the new coronavirus measures, Minister Selçuk said, “Accordingly, the payment day according to the last figure of the allocation number for those who receive bonuses under 4A (SSK);

On April 17 for those with 18, 19, 7, April 20 for those with 21, 22, 8, April 23 for those with 24, 9, April 25 for those with 26, 10, within the scope of 4B (Bağ-kur) and (Retirement Fund) and it will be paid on April 11. ” said.

“We Pay About 12 Million Retirees and Rights Owners' Holiday Bonuses”

Minister Selçuk said, “In this context, we pay approximately 12 million retirees and beneficiaries' Holiday Feasts.” said.

Reminding that the coronavirus affects the elderly the most, Minister Selçuk said, “Within the scope of the measures announced by our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, public banks are paying the pensions of our elderly people over the age of 76 at home. In addition, upon the request of our citizens over 65 years old who receive their pension from PTT, their bonuses are delivered to their homes in accordance with the protocol between SSI and PTT. ” used expressions.

Minister Selçuk Called the Elderly: “Stay at Home, Let's Bring the Service to Your Door”

“We take the service to the door of our elderly so that they do not leave the house.” Minister Selçuk said, saying:

“We work for you day and night. Our distances are to protect you. Stay at home, let's bring the service to your door. I believe that we will overcome the epidemic together by saying 'Life fits home'. ”

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