Measures are Taken Against Corona Virus in Mersin Metropolitan Buses

Prevention against corona virus is being taken in the big buses of Mersin.
Prevention against corona virus is being taken in the big buses of Mersin.

Detailed cleaning and disinfection processes of municipal buses serving 100 thousand daily and 36 million citizens annually within the scope of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department are continuing uninterruptedly. The hygiene of the buses is carried out not only in the periods when epidemics are widespread, but also in the Machine Supply area of ​​the Metropolitan Municipality.

The hygiene efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality every day of the year also prevent the spread of epidemic diseases such as the Corona virus, which has caused public panic in recent years.

Inside and outside of the vehicles are carefully cleaned and disinfected

In the Machinery Supply area, the exterior of the municipal buses, where daily detailed cleaning is performed, is carefully washed with car wash shampoos. Then, with the detailed work carried out in the bus, every point in the vehicle, especially the glasses, pipes, pullers and seats, which the citizens intensely contact, are carefully cleaned. After the floor cleaning, disinfection process of the vehicle is started in a way not to harm public health.

“We attach great importance to preventing viruses in our buses.”

Ersan Topçuoğlu, Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, stated that they continue their work without interruption, keeping the hygiene of the buses in the foreground, as well as the safe and comfortable transportation service. Topçuoğlu said:

“In addition to the safe transportation in public transport, our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Vahap Seçer constantly warns us about the hygiene and health issues of our buses. We provide public transportation services to our 100 thousand people a day, 36 million people a year by buses of our Metropolitan Municipality. In our public transportation vehicles, where there is a high level of personal contact, as well as daily routine cleaning, disinfection is carried out against epidemic and infectious diseases. We attach great importance to preventing bacteria, parasites and viruses in our buses and protecting our people from infectious diseases. ”

“We take the necessary measures with disinfection procedures”

Emphasizing that they are cautious against the epidemic of Corona virus, which has caused public panic in recent days, citizens can get on the city buses without any doubt. However, we take the necessary measures in our public transportation vehicles with disinfection processes that are not harmful to public health. In addition, the Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Police Department Directorate conducts inspections with the same precision in our minibuses and public buses that constitute the civil foot of public transportation. As a result of disinfection procedures, citizens report that they welcome our practices. Our people should not have any doubts about using public transportation safely and healthily. ”

“Let's not forget that we can carry disease when sneezing or coughing”

Bahar Gülcay Çat Bakır, who worked in the Department of the Disabled and Health Services Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they carried out the studies for the vehicles to serve the citizens in hygienic conditions and made suggestions to the citizens. Stating that the person should take care of the health of the people around him in order to protect his own health, Bakır said, “We were doing our disinfection procedures for the Corona virus before the outbreak occurred. At the moment, our reviews continue with the same frequency. Buses community areas. Sneezing and coughing are also things that increase the chances of getting infected with the virus. Let's not forget that we can carry disease when sneezing or coughing. The health of society starts from us. If we do not spread our own illness, no one would spread the disease to each other. It is a very important factor to prevent the transmission of viruses with sneezing or coughing with the help of a napkin. ”

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