Measures Against Corona Virus Increased in Eskişehir

Precautions against corona virus increased in Eskisehir
Precautions against corona virus increased in Eskisehir

Since the beginning of March Covidien-19 area several measures against the virus Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, it has increased its measures after the virus jumps to Turkey. The Metropolitan Municipality, which intensifies disinfection works in trams, buses, stops and areas frequently used by citizens such as the bus station, has canceled all indoor activities and closed museums and centers to visitors. In addition, while training was interrupted in courses given within the municipality, sports centers and indoor swimming pool were temporarily closed for service.

Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches great importance to public health, has implemented its action plan against epidemic diseases so that citizens can continue their daily life in a healthy and clean environment. Against the possibility of the virus seen in Turkey's Action Plan to Combat Corona Virus' forming Metropolitan Municipality, in this context, the Health Services Department and corporate executives gave details on Tuesday March 3, 2020.

While the first was informed about the corona virus with the trainings that started 2 weeks ago, cleaning measures were also increased in the municipal service buildings. Metropolitan Municipality, which performs spraying in the areas frequently used by citizens such as bus stations, bus stations, bus stations, trams, buses, and trams, clears buses and trams at the waiting points instantly.

Museums and centers are closed to visitors

For the purpose of prevention, the Metropolitan Municipality, which closes all museums in the Historical Odunpazarı Region, temporarily accepts visitors to the Fairy Tale Castle, Science Experiment Center, Sabancı Space House, Pirate Ship, ETİ Underwater World and Tropical Center in Sazova Science Culture and Art Park. will not. While training was interrupted in all courses offered within the municipality, the sports centers and Kentpark Indoor Swimming Pool were also closed.

Also, considering that the virus can be transmitted from animals, the Metropolitan Municipality Animal Market was closed until April 1, 2020.

The water borrowers will not be cut off

Announcing that citizens who use mechanical meters within the scope of corona virus protection measures will not be cut off until May 1, 2020, Metropolitan Municipality is actively trying to raise the awareness of the citizens with various visuals and videos by using social media and urban advertising areas.

“Believing in science, let's fulfill our personal responsibilities”

Stating that they, as Metropolitan Municipality, are trying to take all precautions against the epidemic disease and that the staff work devotedly in this regard. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen “At the points in our area of ​​responsibility, both disinfection studies and efforts to raise awareness of our people continue. Our staff, whom we inform about the Corona virus, perform their duties by fulfilling their personal responsibilities both in our service centers and in the field.

All our citizens have important responsibilities in terms of virus protection. Believing in science, we can minimize cases if we fulfill our simple but effective personal responsibilities. As we learned from the experts, firstly personal cleaning and then spatial cleaning are of great importance in the fight against the virus. We should be discreet and should implement the measures specified by the relevant institutions without panicking. ”

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