New Measures for Coronavirus in Effect in Ankara

New precautions for coronavirus are in Ankara
New precautions for coronavirus are in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to take measures within the scope of combating coronavirus. With the instruction of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas, new precautionary decisions were introduced. Providing cleaning and hygiene services to Gölbaşı quarantine area from the first day, Büyükşehir continues to support human life and cleaning and hygiene materials. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic and protect the health of our citizens over the age of 65, the free use of all public transport vehicles over the age of 65 has been stopped for preventive purposes. Health workers can benefit from EGO buses, Metro and ANKARAY free of charge by showing their identity. A free shuttle bus was allocated to healthcare workers going to Ankara City Hospital in Bilkent. Metropolitan cleaning teams; Metro, ANKARAY and buses are continuing their disinfection activities in dolmies and taxis.

In line with the instructions of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, new precautions and measures are being introduced due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Metropolitan Municipality continues to work 7/24 in the context of combating epidemic diseases all over the capital.


The Department of Health Affairs provides life support material support to the region as well as providing cleaning and hygiene services to the Gölbaşı quarantine area.

Providing 4 truckloads of drugs and life support materials from ECG device to thermometer, mask to injector, Metropolitan Municipality keeps 200 personnel ready in the region. Seyfettin Aslan, Head of Health Affairs Department, stated that they have been providing support to the Gölbaşı dormitories, where the citizens coming from the hopes, have been supported since the first day and shared the following information:

“As Ankara Metropolitan Presidency, we are here with all our teams since the transfer of the citizens who come to hope. Our support continues. We are in constant contact with the relevant deputy governors. On behalf of the Metropolitan, we assigned a friend of our branch manager for the crisis desk here. At the point of completing the deficiencies here, the support of the Metropolitan is over this region. Today, we are here again to meet the cleaning, disinfection and daily needs of all 1500 rooms. We brought our humanitarian aid, including more than a ton of disinfection material, more than a ton of bleach, over 12 thousand masks, over 12 thousand gloves, 2 thousand overalls, photocell disinfection devices. We are trying to meet the demands of our deputy governors in the fastest way possible. Our deputy governors also thanked our Mayor Mansur Yavas and the Metropolitan Municipality. ”


Aslan stated that they count the waste in the quarantine area as medical waste. “Ankara Metropolitan Municipality accepted the waste in this region as medical waste. We burn the waste in this region at a thousand 100 degrees. Our citizens should not worry about it. As Metropolitan Municipality, we provide all kinds of support and service to the quarantine region. ”


Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş decided to temporarily stop all citizens of 65 years of age free of charge to take advantage of all public transport vehicles after they called Ankara to stay at home to prevent epidemics and coronavirus threats and prevent the virus from spreading. took.

Mayor Yavaş pointed out that between the dates of 16-20 March, an average of 65 thousand 55 citizens aged 739 and over were using public transport, and under Article 5393 of the Municipal Code No. 38 titled “Duties and powers of the mayor” As a precautionary measure, it has temporarily stopped the use of all public transport vehicles free of charge for citizens over the age of 65 for precautionary measures within the scope of the measures taken in order to protect public health in accordance with the provision of “taking necessary measures for well-being, health and happiness”.


It has been announced by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality that health workers can benefit from public transportation vehicles free of charge by showing their identities.

As part of the fight against coronavirus, healthcare workers will now be able to use EGO buses, Metro and ANKARAY for free.

On the instructions of President Yavaş, besides the free public transportation application for all healthcare workers, Ankara City Hospital 112 bus route for healthcare workers will also be allocated an hourly shuttle bus service.

The Healthcare Professionals Service will be written on the pennants of our buses that will be shown by showing the identity of the healthcare professionals.

The buses will return to Eskişehir Road every hour, starting from 22.03.2020, at 07.00 in the morning, starting from the City Hospital, Kızılay, Sıhhiye, Opera, Ulus in front of the Parliament and the Konya Road from there. Gazi Hospital AŞTİ and AŞTİ will make a ring as City Hospital again.
Only the health personnel working in the City Hospital will take the busses by showing their identity and no other passengers will be taken.


Serving under the Environmental Protection and Control Department, BELPLAS A.Ş. cleaning teams continue the disinfection process in taxis and minibuses every day, by the instructions of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş.

The disinfection works, which are continuing at the taxi and minibus stops all over the capital, are controlled by the Police Department teams.

Emir Sevinç, who works at the Sincan Yenikent Taxi Station, said, “We thank our Mansur President for their support. Our passengers are also very pleased with this application for us drivers. We are not getting complaints. ” Taxi driver Ali Özçelik said, “We are very pleased with this service of the Metropolitan. Hopefully we will survive these days. Thank you very much to our Mansur President. ” Murat Cebe, another taxi driver tradesman who disinfected his taxi from the Sincan Pleven Taxi Station, said, “We are very pleased with the application. May Allah be pleased with the Metropolitan and our Mayor. We continue our service. They also help us with all kinds of matters. God bless all of them. ”He expressed his satisfaction.

Stating that they are serving in Mamak Ege Mahallesi Dolmus Bus Stop, Yiğit Yılmaz said, “I have been working at this stop for 8 years. Thanks to our Metropolitan Mayor, they have been very helpful for the hygiene of the vehicles. Our vehicles are disinfected every day. We do our cleaning as far as we can, ”said the minibus drivers who benefited from the service said:

  • Kubilay Cihan:“First of all, we would like to thank our Mayor for this practice. Our vehicles are disinfected one by one for the health of our passengers. We are very pleased with this service. "
  • Cengiz Koc: “I have been a minibus driver for 35 years. It is the first time that we have such a thing. We show our best efforts. This application is very good for protecting the health of passengers and drivers. "

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