New Measures Taken for Coronary Virus in Capital

New measures taken for coronavirus in the capital
New measures taken for coronavirus in the capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has been on alert with all its units within the scope of combating coronavirus. With the instruction of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas, new precautionary decisions were introduced. The rental price taken from the businesses owned by the Metropolitan was postponed for two months. While the Şefkat Evleri are included in the disinfection program every day, the March premieres of the Capital Theaters were taken to a later date. In order to prevent crowds from occurring and to prevent the spread of the virus, the funerals of the citizens with funerals will be made without waiting for the time prayer. Metropolitan cleaning teams; It continues its disinfection activities in museums, health institutions, hearing halls, non-governmental organizations, public institutions, nursing homes, elderly care centers, sports clubs, minibuses and taxis.

Metropolitan Municipality has been on alert with all units due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Health Coordination Board, established under the direction of Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Kemal Çokakoğlu on the orders of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, follows disinfection and sterilization studies 7/24. The Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on hygiene activities, introduces new measures one by one.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which warns citizens through city screens, banners and billboards, including social media accounts, continues to implement new measures in the fight against epidemics.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced with his announcement from his social media account that the rental receivables from the businesses owned by the Metropolitan were postponed for two months. With the decision taken, the lease was provided to the businesses belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality and affiliated companies and affiliates, which had difficulties in payment.


Greater Municipality, which increases hygiene measures for public health; included 5 Compassion Houses in Etlik, Ruzgar, Varlik, Ulus and Oncology, where the patients and their relatives stay, in their daily disinfection program.

While the premiums of the Capital Theaters are postponed to a later date, new measures are being implemented to prevent crowds from forming and to spread the virus. While the funeral vehicles are being disinfected, the funerals will be buried without waiting for the time prayer, in line with the requests of the citizens who have funerals.


Environmental Protection and Control Department BELPLAS A.Ş. While their teams continue to work day and night across the city, they also carry out disinfection work on public transportation vehicles, minibuses and taxis daily.

With the decision of the Ministry of National Education, after the training break between 16-30 March, the passenger density decreases in Metro, ANKARAY, Teleferik and EGO buses, while EGO General Directorate continues its daily practice especially in the morning and evening bus service hours and number.

Faruk Kalender, Member of the Board of the General Assembly of Chamber of Craftsmen and Automobiles of Ankara Umum, said “We thank our Municipality and those who contributed to the health of our people and driver tradesmen”. Thank you for this service. We are very pleased with this practice, which we have done by considering both our own health and the health of our customers. ”

Sincan Chauffeurs and Automobile Federation President Isa Yalçın thanked Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş for the sterilization works that were carried out mainly at the minibus stops, especially Güvenpark, Bentderesi and Sincan.

“Due to the epidemic in the world, we are under a threat in our country and we attach great importance to this. May Allah be pleased with our Metropolitan Mayor. Our vehicles are completely disinfected. These are very important in terms of health, and we will also disinfect our vehicles. ”

While the hygiene works supervised by the Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams continue; Disinfection demands of museums, health institutions, hotels, hearing rooms, buildings of non-governmental organizations, public institutions, nursing homes, elderly care centers and sports clubs are not rejected. Urban Aesthetics Department teams carry out meticulous cleaning work in cultural and historical places, especially in streets, streets and boulevards, in common areas and recreation areas.

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