Mobile Teams Created Against Corona Virus in Eskişehir

Mobile Teams Created Against Corona Viruse in Eskisehir
Mobile Teams Created Against Corona Viruse in Eskisehir

Taking various precautions against Covid-19 virus within the scope of 'Corona Virus Action Plan' since the beginning of March, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has created mobile teams for regular disinfection works on trams, buses and stops.

Metropolitan Municipality, which creates mobile teams for counter public transportation vehicles in the Corona virus, disinfects the vehicles at the last stops of trams and buses. Expressing that there are disinfection studies with drugs approved by the Ministry of Health as well as routine cleaning in public transportation vehicles where the risk of contagious diseases are high, Metropolitan Municipality officials said, “We have increased our measures following the detection of the virus in our country. In addition to routine cleaning, our teams, which perform disinfection at night, also perform short-term disinfection at the last stops of buses and trams during the day on mobile. We will continue to carry out these works with precision in our vehicles, where more than 200 thousand passengers are transported daily, ”and warned citizens to fulfill their personal responsibilities in order to prevent the spread of epidemics in public transport.

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