Underpasses and Overpasses are Now Safer in the Capital

Lower and upper passages are now safer in the capital
Lower and upper passages are now safer in the capital

Under the "Remote Monitoring Automation Center" application of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, underpasses and overpasses are now made safer. Thanks to the camera system installed by the instruction of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, the interruptions in the underpasses and overpasses monitored 7/24 are immediately intervened.

“Remote Monitoring Automation Center” was established in order to minimize the problems in the underpasses and overpasses made by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide uninterrupted and safe transportation for pedestrians and drivers in the main arteries of Başkent.

With the application implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality City Aesthetics Department, the under and overpasses located in different points of the city are monitored 149/7 from a single center with 24 cameras placed.


Thanks to the cameras placed at the points that see the elevators and escalators used extensively in the lower and overpasses, the whole area is continuously monitored and recorded.

Thanks to the camera system that also has a deterrent feature in the fight against vandalism, unnecessarily stopped escalators, disabled elevators and malfunctions due to various reasons are immediately noticed and intervened by technical teams.


With the instructions of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, the cameras placed on elevators and escalators throughout the city are intended to be used outside of these areas, to cause damage and to prevent events related to the safety of citizens.

Stating that the system will be integrated into the 2020 underpasses and overpasses needed in the central districts of Başkent within the scope of the 262 activity program, the officials of the City Aesthetics Department said, “The audio and video system will be used in the up and down passages, which will be used especially by our disabled citizens. When there is a malfunction in the elevator, the staff in the control center will communicate with the person and tell them what they have to do. In this way, the panic will be prevented until the teams come and the fault is removed. ”

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