KARDEMİR Electrode Entered Wire Rod Market

Kardemir enters the market of electrodes
Kardemir enters the market of electrodes

📩 14/03/2020 12:34

Karabük Iron and Steel Enterprises (KARDEMİR) AŞ. continues to increase its production of high value-added steel products. S1, S2, SG2 and SG3 quality coils, which are used in KARDEMİR electrode and welding wire manufacturing, were also successfully realized. It is stated that in the coil steel market, which has a market size of approximately 3,3 million tons, S1, S2, SG2 and SG3 quality coil steel suitable for the production of electrodes and welding wires have a 5% usage share and the first commercial sales of the productions are also made.

Dr. General Manager, who made evaluations about the new production. Hussein SOYKAN in the sector with a range of products that Kardemir has said that Turkey and is among the world's leading manufacturers, "the Board of Directors of our visionary approach and added value of our increased production capacity as a result of our strategy to shift to higher product simultaneously rails, railway wheels, construction steel We are a company that can manufacture light and heavy profiles, narrow platina, thin and thick coils, offer these products to the use of different sectors with its new steel qualities, thereby providing both import substitution and increasing its competitiveness in the sector day by day. In our coil productions suitable for electrode and welding wire manufacturing, there has been a new steel quality added to the product range. In this area, where imports are also, we are happy to supply our consumers with quality wire rod produced from ore. These products we produce are also important for the financial and technical sustainability of our Company. ”

In the Soykan explanation, Çubuk Kangal production facilities addressing many sectors indicate that 5,5 - 25 mm diameter coils, 20- 56 mm diameter coils, and 20-100 mm diameter rods (SBQ) are produced, as well as automotive manufacturing and machinery. He noted that the work for the production of 17, 3, 20 and 4 steel grades, which are used in the construction industry as well as vending steels, 30MnB4, 41MnB4, 1070MnB1073, 1075Cr1080, and the heel wire (Tire Cord) used in the industry.

42CrMo4 (4140) quality steels used in the production of high value added quality steel, suitable for the production of nut and rail clips previously produced at Çubuk Coil Plants, and 1082 CrMo420 (23) quality steels used in the construction industry, with ribbed coils in the quality of 4 PC Wire and B27C. Our company, which offers 4MnB10, 1006MnB54, C6C and 205 quality steels used in the production of fasteners and 405SiCr20 quality high carbon steels used in the construction of suspension springs to the commercial market, is the last product in the Rail Profile Facilities in the range of 80-72mm width, XNUMX-XNUMX mm thickness and narrow platina up to XNUMX m paint. produced.

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