Coronavirus Survey Result of IMM Statistics Office 'Istanbul Concerned'

coronavirus survey of ibb statistics office istanbul kaygili
coronavirus survey of ibb statistics office istanbul kaygili

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Statistics Office conducted a perception, anticipation and attitude research on coronavirus in Istanbul. 75,2 percent of the respondents are concerned about the coronavirus infecting itself or their relatives. The rate of those who think that the national economy will suffer is 81,1 percent. Hand washing was one of the measures taken against coronavirus, 64,3 percent found the measures taken by central and local governments sufficient.

Between 19-22 March 2020, Istanbul Statistical Office conducted a survey by collecting data from 18 people aged 1.014 and over through computer-assisted telephone survey. 57,8 percent of the participants were under the age of 40, and 42,2 percent were over the age of 40.

73 percent think they have enough information

While 73,6 percent of the respondents thought that they had enough information about coronavirus, 15,6 percent stated that they did not have enough information.

60,2 percent follow developments on TV

The rate of those who follow the developments regarding coronavirus on social media and internet news sites was 37,7 percent. 60,2 percent follow on television.

Citizens are not taking adequate measures

64,3 percent of the participants think that central and local administrations have taken the necessary measures. 55,1 percent say that citizens are not being cautious enough.

Hand washing comes first.

In the precautions against coronavirus, the first three rows were frequently washing hands, not leaving the house unless necessary and using cologne.

It restricts daily life

The rate of those who think that coronavirus does not affect daily life was 12,9 percent. 37,5 percent of the participants stated that the movement area and 35,1 percent of their socialization was restricted for the condition of coranavirus affecting daily life.

Most food exchanges were made

The proportion of people shopping more due to coronavirus was 25,9 percent. 70 percent of these people preferred food products and 25,3 percent preferred cleaning materials.

One in 4 thinks he will be infected soon

4,7 percent of the respondents thought that the coronavirus was infected, while 13 percent said they were not sure. However, 25,1 percent of the participants think that the coronavirus may be infected in the near future.

 57,9 percent of the society is very worried

While 57,9 percent of the society stated that they were very worried because of coronavirus, 18,1 percent stated that they were partially worried. The rate of those who said they were not worried was 24 percent.

Anxiety in society is high

75,2 percent of the participants in the study are at risk of transmission to the coronavirus or to their relatives,

81,1 percent of the economic problems due to the virus,

70,4 percent of the education service is disrupted,

70,3 percent of them are more restricted than their daily lives,

41,6 percent are concerned about the inadequate food availability.

The rate of those who think that the national economy will be negatively affected is 85 percent.

Increased coronavirus cases are expected

66,2's percent of those surveyed would increase coronavirus cases in Turkey, while 17,4 percent think will be reduced.

While 31,3 percent of the participants think that coronavirus cases will be taken under control within one month in our country, the rate of those who think that the control process will take 2-3 months is 49,3 percent.

24 percent wants curfews to be limited

Open-ended questions were asked to the participants about what other measures should be taken in the fight against coronavirus. Accordingly, 24 percent of the participants expressed that the curfew was limited for 1-2 weeks and at certain hours.

Apart from this, the need to go out of the house, the need to follow cleanliness and other rules, to increase the number of tests and quarantine applications, and to spread the economic benefits became prominent.

The percentage of those who said that all measures have already been taken in the question of what else to do is 13 percent.

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