Free Transportation for 65 Years and Over in Izmir Has Been Suspended ..!

Mourning and free transportation in Izmir was suspended
Mourning and free transportation in Izmir was suspended

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has temporarily closed cards over the age of 65.

Despite the call from the Ministry of Health and all levels of the state to stay at home and not to be in a collective, a new decision was made on the fact that citizens over 65 continue to use public transportation intensively.

In the statement made, it was stated that on March 20, 65 citizens over the age of 36 were determined to use rail systems and public transportation, the right to benefit from public transportation for free increases public transportation and this increases the risk of epidemics. In the statement, which the virus is most affected and citizens aged 630 and over, who are in the high risk group, will not benefit from the "Free or Discounted Travel Cards Regulation" temporarily, the following was recorded:

“Within the scope of the measures taken to protect the health of our citizens over 65 years old, it was decided to temporarily stop the use of all public transportation vehicles free of charge for citizens over the age of 65 for precautionary purposes.”

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