Free Transportation and Parking Support for Healthcare Professionals in İzmir

Free transportation and parking support to healthcare professionals in Izmir
Free transportation and parking support to healthcare professionals in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has decided to support the healthcare professionals making the biggest effort in the fight against the Corona virus. All health personnel working in the health institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Health will benefit from the metro, tram, ships and buses for free from March 20, upon the order of President Tunç Soyer. In addition, İZELMAN's parking lots will be free for healthcare workers.

The support of the health workers who took the biggest responsibility in the process of preventing the spreading of the corona virus and treating the patients and who was concerned about their health came from İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Tunç Soyer decided to provide free transportation services to all health personnel working in the city starting from the morning, as well as public transportation institutions and organizations and İZELMAN parking lots.

Soyer: Heroes of the Struggle

The virus is effective in the world's majority, that cause material and spiritual destruction, Izmir stressed that all institutions and organizations alarmed to not live in the same table Turkey Mayor Tunç Soyer, "the forefront of this struggle, their lives defiance, most of the time challenges and We have health professionals working without regard to overtime. To me they are the undisputed heroes of this struggle. As İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we stand by them. We are ready to give all kinds of support to healthcare workers. ”

Metro, tram, ships and buses

In accordance with the instructions of President Soyer; All personnel working in the institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Health in the city will benefit from the implementation. As of 20 March 2020, until the corona virus struggle ends, the personnel in this scope will be able to get free of charge to İzmir Metro Inc., Tram, İZDENİZ ships and ESHOT buses by showing their corporate identity cards. Health personnel will also benefit from İZELMAN parking lots for free with their vehicles. The application will be valid until a second instruction.

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