The Fight Against Coronavirus Outbreak in Ankara Continues Without Slowing Down

Fight against coronavirus epidemic in Ankara continues without slowing down
Fight against coronavirus epidemic in Ankara continues without slowing down

📩 21/05/2021 20:55

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said that they will support citizens aged 65 and over, who called for “HomeKal”, after their curfew.

Addressing citizens aged 65 and over through their social media accounts, Mayor Yavaş announced that they had rented motorcycling courier to work in 17 markets and branches, and that all the needs of citizens included in this scope would be met. ASKİ will carry out the water loading process for the subscribers aged 65 and over, who have a water meter with card, as of Tuesday, March 24. Metropolitan Municipality teams working on the field 7/24 for public health, disinfect daily in public areas and public institutions and organizations, especially public transportation vehicles.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its fight against coronavirus epidemic without slowing down.

Increasing the disinfection efforts for public health, the Metropolitan Municipality is also implementing new measures for the needs of the citizens. Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced in his statement on his social media accounts that the daily market needs of citizens aged 65 and over, whose curfew was imposed and called for "HomeKal", would be met through motorcycle couriers rented by the Metropolitan Municipality.


Mayor Yavaş, who shared the lists of 17 markets and branches in Ankara in the first place, both on his social media accounts and on the Metropolitan Municipality website, spoke to the citizens aged 65 and over with the following words:

My dear fellow countrymen, first of all, get past to you all. I hope that we will all together, hand in hand, overcome these bad days. As it is known, a curfew was imposed at the age of 65 and over. We continue to negotiate with supermarket chains to meet the needs of the needy. We will soon publish all of them with their location, address information, branch and contact information. You will be able to easily obtain what they want. Again, we have talks with courier companies. As the municipality, we will try to help you with your needs. The practice we have made regarding the home service areas of our municipality is still continuing. In addition, our hot food service continues in the same way to about 20 thousand families living under the hunger line. I hope you will survive these bad days without any damage. We will join hands together. I offer my respects to you all.

Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department will pay the fees of the couriers affiliated to the Federation of All Motorcycles with Motorcycles. Acting with a social municipality approach, the Metropolitan Municipality will provide this service free of charge to citizens aged 65 and over, and will also prevent unemployed couriers who bring daily wages to their homes.

Çağdaş Yavuz, Chairman of the Federation of All Anatolian Motorcycles Couriers, who gathered in front of the Metropolitan Municipality and stated that they are ready for duty, said:

In the first place, we will serve with 100 couriers. We will continue with more couriers according to the increase in demand. We have a duty as a federation. We will deliver the food and basic needs of citizens aged 65 and over and with chronic illnesses to their addresses between 12.00-17.00 until the partial curfew is over. At this time, all restaurants and units were closed, and our motorcycle couriers were unemployed. Our Metropolitan Mayor also took over this situation and at least it was a business opportunity for our couriers to bring money home daily. We express our gratitude and gratitude to our president.

Ankara City Council also drew attention to the importance of cooperation between the All Anatolian Motorcycling Couriers Federation, Local Markets Association and Retailers Association, thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality's motorcycle courier support in the Capital City, where it called for “HomeKal”.


Following the ban on paper collecting in the Capital within the scope of combating the coronavirus outbreak, food support started to be provided in the regions where these people live densely upon the instructions of President Yavaş.

Mustafa Koç, Head of the Municipal Police Department, stated that they carried out disinfection in the area where the paper collectors, who live in the Şirindere area of ​​Çiğdem District, are located, gave the following information:

“This is a place where about 600 paper collectors dwell. Paper collectors both constitute the largest risk group individually and pose a serious threat to the transmission and spread of the virus. For this reason, we have banned paper collecting. We have fed the paper collectors as a municipality. We have created a system to meet their food with their families in the morning and evening every day. We will distribute food with their families to 5 people living in 200 different regions. We disinfect the area they are in and the collected papers every day. According to the scientists, the longest living area of ​​the virus is on paper. Until we have a permanent solution, we will prevent victimization and eliminate the spread of risk. ”

Abdülkadir Aşık, who benefited from food aid prepared and distributed in BELPA Cuisine, said, “We are not going to collect paper anymore because of the virus. We are victimized as a family, but the municipality thought of us and did not leave us hungry and thirsty. I thank the Metropolitan Municipality very much. ”Another paper collector Ceylan Avcı said,“ We ​​are not collecting scrap and paper anymore. Municipality brings food to us and makes regular spraying to this region ”, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality.

Seyfettin Aslan, Head of Health Affairs Department, said that they have started disinfection in 10 regions where street animals fed by volunteer animal lovers are located throughout the city.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which has introduced new measures against the threat of the epidemic, will start loading water on the card meters of residential subscribers aged 65 and over as of Tuesday, March 24.

As part of the service that 65 years old and older subscribers who cannot go out can use by reaching Başkent 153 or (0312) 616 10 00, ASKİ teams will perform the water loading process of the subscribers using the card water meter at their addresses.

ASKI, which informs its subscribers daily via text messages (sms) and alerts and works on a 24-hour basis, has decided to postpone the closure process of its residential subscribers due to epidemic disease for 2 months. ASKİ General Directorate, which continues to open water for 22 thousand residential subscribers who have previously closed their water due to their unpaid debts, has switched to the appointment system for the operations in the center as of March 23. subscribers is Announcing that you can make an appointment at ASKI; it will also perform new subscription, subscription change, construction subscription and subscriber evacuation transactions, subscription cancellation, invoice appeal, counter change (counter failure application), invoice inquiry and payment transactions online.


Environmental Protection and Control Department and City Aesthetics Department teams that carry out intensive disinfection work in public institutions and organizations throughout the city disinfect public transportation vehicles every day.

While the teams of the City Aesthetics Department perform cleaning with special disinfectant products especially in the streets and main roads, especially in city furniture and stops, ANKARAY, Metro and EGO buses, taxis and minibuses are subjected to daily disinfection with the instructions of President Yavaş.

Stating that they are satisfied with the disinfection works that are going on at the minibus stops, Fatih Özden, one of his minuscule tradesmen, said, “This virus has caused great trouble for all of us throughout the country. Our Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş makes our vehicles disinfected daily. Our vehicles are in hygiene. I thank him on behalf of our shopkeepers. ”Ender Yılmaz said,“ We ​​would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas for the disinfection procedures. The disinfection of our vehicles is done daily, ”he said. Murat Karakoca stated that thanks to this service of the Metropolitan Municipality, the public's sense of trust increased, “Our people can ride in vehicles safely. We thank our Municipality and our Mayor Mansur Yavas for their efforts. ”

Continuing the disinfection process to the taxis in Kızılay Güvenpark Taxi Storage area, BELPLAS A.Ş. Taxi shopkeepers thanking the cleaning teams expressed their satisfaction with this service as follows:

  • Dursun Googlu: “As a taxi driver, we would like to thank our Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş. Our vehicles need to be sprayed against the virus every day and sprayed every day. ”
  • Ensari Guzelyurt: “I hope we will get through these days. We are very pleased with this service. We want it done every day for both ourselves and our customers. ”
  • Levent Altinok: “In order to provide better service to Ankara residents, we follow and support this decision taken by our society and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. We are trying to do our best as a taxi driver to serve the people of Ankara under better conditions. I would like to thank our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for providing this service. ”

The Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out continuous disinfection works from sports complexes to the buildings of non-governmental organizations, courthouses, military units, police units, municipal service buildings, hospitals and main boulevards, conducts disinfection work with ecological atomizer tools in Altındağ Önder Neighborhood and slum areas where Syrian citizens live intensely.

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