Disinfection Studies in Distant Districts of Izmir

Disinfection studies in distant districts of Izmir
Disinfection studies in distant districts of Izmir

📩 19/03/2020 13:39

Against the coronavirus epidemic, disinfection studies that have been going on for days throughout the province are being carried out simultaneously in districts far from the center. Providing equal service to each district, Metropolitan Municipality also carried out a feverish work in Kiraz district.

ü ° zmir BüyükŸŸehir Municipality continues to implement the measures taken within the scope of coronavirus measures. Teams are undertaking the necessary measures in all districts in accordance with the program and demands of the program for the Protection and Control of the Branch Branch, which is constantly in progress throughout the province. . Bergama, Dikili, KÄ ± k k ± k, Kiraz, BeydaÄŸ, d – demiþŸ, SelÃçuk and ‡ ‡ ‡meâ € ™ s disinfection studies also in public areas in districts farthest from the center. teams are trying to protect public places such as places of worship, parks, health facilities, police stations and sports fields.

Feverish work in Kirazâ € ™

Depending on the Municipality of BüyükŸehir, which provided equal service to each district, the teams carried out disinfection work in Kiraz district of Izmir. Fire brigade in the city, Gendarmerie Command, Cherry Foundation, Social Aid and Solidarity Foundation, Food Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Public areas such as the Directorate of Cherry, Cherry Chamber of Agriculture, military lodgings, Asım ± avuþ Park, were the first working areas of the teams. Later, public transportation vehicles, bridge and children's parks used by pedestrians were disinfected.

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