Çorlu Train Crash Families Trial Postponed

Corlu train crash families trial postponed
Corlu train crash families trial postponed

Families and lawyers who lost their relatives in the Çorlu train accident appeared before the judge in Ankara on the charges of "preventing those assigned in the meeting and demonstration march from performing their duties". The hearing was postponed on the grounds of 'physical inadequacy'.

The first hearing of the lawsuit filed against them due to the relatives and lawyers of those who died in the Çorlu train accident made a press statement before the Constitutional Court where they were interfered with by the police. The court adjourned the hearing to 13 April 2020 due to the inadequate physical condition of the hall.


The families and lawyers of those who lost their lives in the train disaster, where 8 people died on 2018 July 25 in Çorlu, wanted to hold a vigil in front of the Constitutional Court (AYM) on 12 June 2019. The first hearing of the lawsuit opened against the families and lawyers in the action where police families intervened very harshly, started at the Ankara 50th Criminal Court of First Instance. However, the hall was insufficient for the hearing, which was attended by many people.

The lawyers, who reacted to the delivery of a small courtroom, although it was known that there were a large number of complainants, demanded the preparation of a large hall as a hearing cannot be held under these conditions. When the president of the court warned the lawyer Mürsel Ünder, who said the names of the participants at the time of the poll, he could not intervene because he was a defendant, Ünder said, "Let me sit down." Hüseyin Şahin, who lost his child during the train disaster, said, "Our children are dead, we are not defendants."

Due to the insufficient courtroom, the court decided to write a letter to the Judicial Judicial Review Commission. The trial was requested to be held in one of the Ankara Courthouse Assize Court rooms, due to the inadequate physical condition of the courtroom and the high number of advocates. The hearing was postponed to 13 April 2020.


In the statement made by the Çorlu families after the hearing, it was said "It is a shame that the families who lost 25 lives are being tried here." The statement said:

“While those responsible for the massacre are not judged in this process of seeking justice, we come to the court because we are looking for justice as funny. The Çorlu disaster families are a large family that is interlocked. We will never give up on our quest for justice. It is a shame to be tried here both for us and for the lawyers who are accused. But this shame is not ours. This shame is the shame of those who shame us before the Constitutional Court, who want to make our voices and bring us here as complaints, so I dedicate them to them. As Çorlu families, we will continue to shout our demands for justice in the squares, on the streets, in front of the Constitutional Court, everywhere. Investigations opened against tweets and lawsuits filed against us will not take us one step back from our demand for justice. We have left 25 lives, even one person is not judged. We call it justice justice justice. If we are to be judged for this, I will again shout in front of the AYM, again I will express my rebellion and my demands before the Çorlu Court. We, as families, interlocked with each other. We will not take a step back until the real ones are judged. ”(Cumhuriyet)

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