Public Transport Vehicles Are Continuously Disinfected in Bursa

coronavirus shift from the big city of bursa
coronavirus shift from the big city of bursa

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who participated in the live broadcast on his social media accounts and answered the questions of the citizens, said that they worked 19 days and 7 hours as a Metropolitan Municipality to protect Bursa residents from the covid-24 virus (coronavirus), which affects the whole world. China's Wuhan City in the emerging and global fad for outbreaks roast that early motion last one of the first countries to Turkey and Bursa as subject Aktas President that they take it seriously from the first moment, "from February taken important measures across the country part of the fight with the coronavirus since. We make great efforts to fully follow the instructions given to us from the authorities, especially our Presidency. ”

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş met the citizens through their social media accounts and answered the questions asked to him. President Aktaş, who participated in the live broadcast from the official presidential residence, informed the citizens about the activities carried out in Bursa against the coronavirus.

Continuous disinfection work

Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they have implemented many different applications from disinfection works to online services in Bursa within the scope of combating the epidemic. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, 18 vehicles, 54 personnel, 10 back atomizers, 54 back pumps, 6 electric hand ULVs, 3 mist blower machines and 4 pulverizers are working 7 days and 24 hours, disinfecting every part of the city. Stating that they are doing, President Aktaş said, “Within the scope of the studies, we have carried out spraying works in subways and buses, public transportation vehicles, public institutions and organizations, museums, mosques, tombs, bazaars, inns, street markets, terminals and schools. Daily usage areas such as bus and rail system stops, under and overpasses, parking areas were also subjected to similar application. A total of 898 fields (621 hectares) were sprayed, 1519 of which were open and 945 of which were closed. We continue these studies without interruption. ”

The relentless fight against the virus

President Aktaş stated that the information and warnings about coronavirus are constantly being made through 'print and visual media, internet and social media'. Emphasizing that planned events, meetings, conferences, training courses, academies, youth camps, exhibitions, cinemas, theaters, winter sports and all other activities were canceled within the scope of combating the epidemic, Mayor Aktaş said, “In addition, the opportunists who apply exorbitant prices, 3 audits by the police in 82 days. and 49 actions were taken. It was decided not to take rent from the tenant enterprises of the municipality and its affiliates. Water cuts were temporarily removed by BUSKI until 1 May 2020. Benches in common areas have been removed to prevent social use and to prevent use. Healthcare personnel were provided with free transportation and parking. We have been constantly informing our citizens to stay in their homes as much as possible, and to those who are over 65 years old and who have chronic illnesses, never to go out. ”

"Stay at home. Life fits home ”

Stating that the requests from the citizens within the scope of the process are tried to be answered continuously by Alo 153, 444 16 00 and 0224 716 1155, Mayor Aktaş said, “Our teams provide services in 17 districts to meet the needs of our friendly animal animals. Social aid and hot meals are provided to our citizens in need. The demands of our citizens who have curfews are paid. Audits were carried out at our BESAŞ dealers, and free disinfectant support was provided. BUDO voyages were reduced from 28 to 8 per week. In line with the circular, a maximum of 50 percent occupancy rate per trip is provided in public transportation vehicles. With BUDO, the number of passengers was reduced by half with the distance seat application in BBBUS. In order to get through this process together, 'Stay at home. "Life fits home", and we strive to be beneficial to our citizens with all our power. "

Students and little ones are not forgotten

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that within the scope of the fight against the epidemic, videos created for students and entertaining shares were provided through their social media accounts. Noting that the city theaters provide services for citizens and children on the digital stage, Mayor Aktaş said, “The reception of visitors at the zoo was temporarily suspended. But it's possible to visit the zoo digitally with online cameras. Our libraries were temporarily closed. www.kutuphane.bursa.bel.t is It is possible to benefit from 22 thousand books by creating a record from. We are sending adult and child type books to families who stay at home to read. ”

Alo-153 request from President Aktaş

President Aktaş also asked the citizens for the live broadcast. Mayor Aktaş, who asked the callers not to engage in unnecessarily busy call centers, said, “While applying the services we provide to you, we demand that you do not unnecessarily engage the lines numbered 153, 444 16 00 and 0224 716 11 55. Our friends working in the call center answer more than 5 thousand calls daily. We receive calls for those who ask for alcoholic beverages, ask for oil change of their cars, and seek newspaper with plenty of puzzle while trying to meet the basic needs of our citizens over 65 years old. This is what I would like from you to keep our busy and hectic work competing in seconds. Thank you for following the decisions taken with great care. Also, I reminded the people who called our people on behalf of the municipality and did not respect the fraudsters who said they would do a virus scan and medication at home. "We will grow stronger and we will survive this process together."

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