Awareness Warning with Protect Your Distance Stickers in AŞTİ

Awareness warning with asthma
Awareness warning with asthma

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to warn citizens by taking new measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak. With the new application launched in Başkent, 'keep your distance' stickers were placed in the service buildings of Metropolitan Municipality, especially AŞTİ. Stating that they started to distribute stimulating “stickers” to markets, Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Mustafa Koç said that they aim to raise awareness in citizens for their own health and for the health of others.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its fight against the coronavirus outbreak by taking new measures.

Continuing its warnings through social media accounts, city screens and posters with the call of “HomeKal”, the Metropolitan Municipality prepared “keep your distance” stickers to raise awareness.


Placing these “stickers” in AŞTİ, where passenger traffic is experienced, the Metropolitan Municipality ensures that the citizens waiting for the ticket queue in front of the offices of the bus companies pay attention to this warning.

Stating that disinfection work continues in AŞTİ for public health, Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Mustafa Koç stated that they want to raise awareness among citizens with the adhesives placed on the ground, and said:

“We care about disinfection studies in the struggle of our Metropolitan Municipality against the spread of coronavirus. Apart from that, we are taking this struggle a step further and working to create awareness in our people about the protection of social distance. There is a serious decrease in the number of passengers, but in AŞTİ, we made “stickers” on the waiting places in front of the platforms, and attached them in front of the elevators. The circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was activated in order to sit one person in double seats in buses, and to sit crosswise in back and front seats. We notified this to intercity bus companies. We follow its implementation through the police and security guards. Firms have a significant loss of revenue. With the instruction of our President Mr. Mansur Yavaş and with the decision of the BUGSAŞ Board of Directors, we reduced the fee received from the buses in half by leaving the AŞTİ. We see a sensitivity in our citizens. I call out to all Ankara residents, please stay at home, maintain social distance when you go out, prevent the spread of the virus. ”

Mehmet Bingöl, who works at the ticket sales office, stated that the new application is useful and said, “Social distance stickers were very useful. We ask them to talk to us by standing on the stickers so that they can raise awareness among the passengers. The Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to combat the virus in AŞTİ. I want to convey my satisfaction to Mansur Yavaş from here. ”Faruk Çayan, who traveled to Denizli, emphasized the importance of warnings and precautions,“ They put a thermal camera in the tube gate, this application attracted my attention. In order to protect the social distance, I found this application very successful, with stickers attached to the floors and elevators. While coming to the bus, the owner of the company distributed a mask, the Metropolitan Municipality created awareness on everyone. One seat is left on the buses for social distance. I believe that if everyone takes the necessary precaution, we will overcome these difficult days as soon as possible ”.


Stating that they distribute warning stickers to the markets that citizens use intensively, the Head of the Police Department, Mustafa Koç, said that they made a call at home with the posters they prepared.

Koç, who examined with the police teams in the markets where the application was made, gave the following information:

“At the entrance to the markets, we hang up the 'go home when you finish shopping' warning posters. Another circular of our Ministry of Internal Affairs was transferred to our municipality. In order to comply with the circular that determines the number of customers that can be located according to the square meters of the markets, we have posted warnings indicating how many customers can enter the entrance of the markets. We also stick the 'keep your distance' stickers on the floor to prevent accumulation in front of the case. We want to expand these studies throughout Ankara. ”

Expressing that he saw the stickers while shopping, Tuncer Ömür said, “There must be a distance for health. A very logical application. I am very pleased with the practice of maintaining the spacing distance between customers when trading at the cashier. I would like to thank our president and everyone who contributed. ”


The stickers, which started to be placed in the service buildings of the Metropolitan Municipality, are also applied inside the elevators.

Prioritizing the health of the employees with stickers with the warning of protecting social distance, Metropolitan Municipality warns 4 people to take the elevators against the risk of epidemic. Başak Yılmaz from the Metropolitan staff said, “I am satisfied with the measures taken to protect personnel health. I would like to thank everyone who contributed, especially our Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş. ”Esra Okkalı said,“ I am really pleased with the social distance practice initiated in the Municipality ”. Osman Özcan said that he thinks that the stickers containing the social distance warning for health are effective, and said, “I find the practices of let's protect the social distance initiated by our municipality because of the epidemic disease”.

Location stickers will be applied to the Metro and ANKARAY Stations, where citizens travel daily, in a short time.

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