Antalya Public Transportation and Closed Stops are Disinfected

Antalya public transportation vehicles and closed stops are disinfected
Antalya public transportation vehicles and closed stops are disinfected

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has tightened public transportation vehicles and routine cleaning at bus stops against the corona virus. Public transportation vehicles and closed stops are cleaned and disinfected for public health. Social media and publicity channels are also informed about what should be done to prevent epidemic disease. In the Metropolitan Municipality building and service units, disinfection units were installed while cleaning teams tightened their work.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has increased the measures that it has been taking for a while to protect the public health against corona viruses and epidemics, while also intensifying the public awareness activities in this context.


Metropolitan Municipality has tightened the public transportation vehicles used by citizens and cleaning works for closed stops within the scope of the measures. Transportation Planning and Rail System Department cleans and disinfects 2 thousand closed stops in the city center one by one. Two teams of 8 people clean the seating and holding areas with disinfectant drugs while foaming the inside and outside of the stops for more hygiene.


Antalya Transportation Inc. It also undergoes a detailed cleaning process after the last expeditions of public transportation vehicles serving thousands of Antalyaians throughout the day. A team of 16 people carries out their internal and external cleaning after the last expeditions every day in 32 trams belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality and the public transportation vehicles that go by route.

With the drugs approved by the Ministry of Health, the outer surface of the vehicles, the metal plastic surfaces of the vehicles and the entire interior area are sterilized by spraying. It is aimed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by disinfecting the public transportation vehicles used by thousands of people during the day. Antray and buses go clean and hygienically every morning.


In the brochures and promotional channels prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality, information is constantly provided about what should be done to protect against epidemic diseases. The brochures and social media accounts of the Metropolitan Municipality are shared to raise awareness and raise awareness on this issue. Metropolitan Municipality installed disinfectant units in the service building for hand cleaning, which is very important in preventing corona virus. Municipal officials, who took precautions through frequent deep cleaning within the municipality, asked the public to be sensitive about this issue. The measures taken against the corona virus welcomed the citizen.
In addition, the cleaning of student services started under the coordination of Antalya Chamber of Service, as of today.

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