Ankara High Speed ​​Train Accident Case Postponed

Ankara high-speed train accident case postponed
Ankara high-speed train accident case postponed

In Ankara, on 13 December 2018, 3 defendants continued to be tried in the case of high-speed train (YHT) accident, of which 9 people were killed and 107 people were injured and 10 people were injured.

Arrested and pending defendants and lawyers of the parties attended the hearing at the Ankara 30th High Criminal Court. at trial kazanThe statements of the passengers on the train where the incident took place were taken.

The prosecutor, whose opinion was asked after the statements, requested the acceptance of the requests of the passengers, who stated that they were complaining and requested intervention, and that the defendant train officer Osman Yıldırım be ordered to continue his detention.

Speaking against the opinion, Yıldırım's lawyer argued that YHT was put into operation before the signaling system was completed, and that the scissors operation should be done with the control system, not manually.

The lawyer, who argued that the accident death and injury incidents were not only caused by the wrong scissors, stated that the speed of the train was more than it should be at the time of the accident and that the first wagon or the front seats were not left empty for safety purposes.

Saying that his client had been detained for a long time, the lawyer requested Yıldırım's release.

The defendant Yıldırım did not accept the charges against him and demanded his release.


The court delegation, which was negotiated after receiving the requests, announced its interim decisions.

Accordingly, it was decided to accept the requests of the companions requesting intervention to the lawsuit, to continue the detention with the refusal of the trainer's officer Yıldırım's release request.

The trial will continue on May 11.ONE DAY)

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