Prevention Against Coronavirus ..! Contactless Travel Period Started in BursaRay

Against the coronaviruse, the contactless travel period has started in the bursaray
Against the coronaviruse, the contactless travel period has started in the bursaray

Within the scope of the measures taken against coronavirus, the “contactless travel” period was initiated in BursaRay. All doors will open automatically at every stop without the need for passengers to push the button.

The coronavirus under the influence of the world to Turkey in Bursa with the splash alarmed municipalities, is also continuing in the war that began in cleaning streets and parks of worship and public transport. Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated the hygiene and precaution works in public transportation systems, where 1 million passengers are reached daily. BURULAŞ has reduced the common contact areas as much as possible by making the doors opened automatically whenever the button is pressed, especially in BursaRay. The elevator doors in the stations were also kept open and contact was prevented.


BURULAŞ also decided to count its employees in the risk group with administrative leave as of today by applying a new application for its own personnel.

On the other hand, the expedition reduction policy, which has been implemented for years after the holidays, will not be implemented this time. Thus, it is aimed for the citizen to travel with less interaction. While there has been no decrease in public transportation usage rates in Bursa until today, the number of passengers per day is projected to decrease by 20 percent to 800 thousand with the closing of schools.


Confirming that there has been no change in the number of passengers in BursaRay since the day the coronavirus emerged, Mehmet Kürşat Çapar said: “We have accelerated our work on the health of the citizens by disinfecting all the human contact environments and vehicles. Public transport should be used in line with the need and citizens should spend a minimum of time in these areas. If the sick individuals stay away from public transport, the disease will not spread anyway. ” (Hatice Dal /Olay)

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